Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review​

Barnett Jackal crossbow is one of the good quality crossbow manufactured by crossbow companies. It is an excellent weapon for the shooters and the target hunters. The crossbow is an acceptable bow both for beginners and experienced shooters.

The high-power crossbow is very much accurate and can shoot flat, straight, and consistently. The excellent design of the crossbow attracts the shooters. It has split limb design, synthetic material stock, and exceptional safety features. The camouflage design of Barnett Jackal will enhance your first time experience on shooting and involves new hunters in hunting game. Its sleek military-style gives a comfortable grip to the shooter.

Its super-fast arrow speed, quad limbs with high wheels, and good quality synthetic string and cable make Barnett Jackal one of the best crossbow.

If you are looking for a high-performance crossbow at an affordable price then this review of Barnett Jackal will help you to make the right decision.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review: Quick View

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Design By Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Military-inspired Sleek stocks design not only adds a nice touch to the crossbow appearance but also gives a safe and comfortable place to grip. It will also keep your hands safely below the path of the string and arrow and also help you to improve the accuracy of your shots. 

Because of the 7.7 pound lightweight, it is easy to carry to your favorite hunting place and with a 12 inches power stroke, it can be used by everyone. The 3.5 pound trigger is easy to pull and good enough to prevent accidents. The traditional Camouflage design attracts the eyes of the buyer most.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow's Feature:

Barnett Jackal is a full package crossbow. It includes everything that is needed to start hunting. As all the necessary screws and bolts are included with the crossbow along with a convenient set of hex keys beginners can easily assemble it. 

It has a high-definition camouflage that comes with ADF MIM Trigger Mechanism. The Trigger pulls of a Barnett Bow is 3.5 lb. The quad limbs come with high energy wheels. It has a synthetic Cable and String system. It also includes AVI bolt retainer and AVI Foot Stirrup. These features make Barnett the best crossbow.


Let’s have a close look about Barnett Jackal Crossbow-

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Barnet Jackal Build

The build quality of the crossbow will help you to determine the power, performance, durability, balance, and sturdiness of the bow. The materials used to construct this bow is lightweight. Its limbs are durable and allow the bow to aim easily. The sturdy limbs provide stability and support to make an accurate shot. 

The energy wheels attached at the end of the limbs ensure smooth and powerful draw, while the cable system produces fast arrow speed. The lightweight design of the bow ensures the comfort of the user and also makes the crossbow a best choice for the beginners as well as for the experts.


It is very much easy to assemble the crossbow. You can install the accessories that come with the package using the manual guide. First attach the quiver, cables and strings and cable slides with the help of the photos and step by step guide. After that, push the riser into the stock until it clicked. 

Now install the foot-stirrup and insert it in the opening at the crossbow front. After that attach the red-dot and placed into the mount and tighten the mounting side plates.


3.5 lbs. average weight trigger helps you to stay accurate and concentrate on your shots. Its action is dependable and solid.


Barnett Jackal is a powerful weapon. It ensures better accuracy with excellent weight distribution that helps to aim easily. The beginners can easily target practice 1-2 inches arrow groups from 30-50 yards away.


The position of the foregrip helps you to secure your hold on the bow and reduce the chance of an accident. It also ensures your finger’s safety. Most importantly, it features a dry-fire inhibitor, a tool that is standard for most models, and that will ensure your safety and that of your weapon.

Noise Suppression

Barnett is pretty loud like other crossbows when firing arrows. It does not include any noise suppression device in the package. So, you have to buy one to have noise-free hunting.

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The Jackal model has the best combination of camo and black color. It has better styling and pretty sharp looks.

Stocks and Limbs

The limbs are of composite material and foregrip is quite comfortable to hold. The foregrip and flared finger guard pass through in the stock. The foregrip is comfortable and makes the finger away from the light rail. The split design of the quad limb allows accelerating faster.


The Jackal crossbow has great accuracy in shooting. It shoots 315 feet per second speed that considered best hunting shots at a minimum distance.

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Performance of Barnett Jackal Crossbow

Barnett is a high-performance capability and excellent quality crossbow. The combination of quad limbs, high energy wheels, and cable system allows the bow to easily produce arrow speeds up to 315 feet per second. Along with this the crossbow is also accurate and ensures an accurate aim. 

The balanced design ensures straight shots and the 3.5 trigger pulls smoothly to prevent any jerky movement that might throw your aim off. The excellent design, fast and powerful performance makes Jackal a perfect choice for the shooters and hunters.



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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many question about it. But I answerd the most important some question.

Q: Is Jackal a Better Hunting crossbow?

Yes, Jackal is a best hunting crossbow. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It is fast and powerful and can shoot 315 feet per second which is a great speed for hunting.

Q: Do I need to replace crossbow strings?

Yes, the strings and cables need replacement. It depends on how often you use your bow. You can replace the strings every 2/3 years.

Q: Is Barnett Affordable?

When you are getting a bow it is the price is a major fact in this case. Barnett is an affordable crossbow that constructs with high-quality material. It is a perfect high-performance bow at a cheap budget.

Q: Do there any accessories include with Barnett Jackal?

Barnett is a full package Compound bow. It comes with essential accessories that ensure the proper functioning of the crossbow. Package includes:-

  • Jackal compound crossbow.
  • Red Dot.
  • 3×20 -inches bolts/ arrows with a field point.
  • Detachable Quivers for your arrows.
  • Hex keys crossbow bolts.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow: Final Verdict

 If you are looking for easy to use a crossbow that is fast, powerful, and accurate and also at an affordable price then Barnett is a perfect choice for you. Barnett is a sturdy, accurate, and durable weapon and it has everything that you require. Its sturdiness and lightweight makes it an excellent crossbow for the beginners.

The quad limbs provide plenty of stability and support, without adding weight. The energy wheels and efficient cable system ensure a fast and power shot that can penetrate almost any target. So, It’s a great bow for hunting as well. From the above feature, it is clear that the Barnett Jackal offers much more than one would expect from its low price point.

Apart from being a bit loud and not including a rope cocking device, both of which are problems that can be addressed easily, this weapon is simply remarkable. Finally, is to say that Barnett is an excellent crossbow in all-purpose.

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