10 Best Archery Target For Broadheads Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Archery target is a must for any toxophilite or archery loving people. People who practice archery or love hunting, always look for good archery targets. Typically, a person needs to shoot a lot of arrows daily to be good at archery. But it is hard to always go to a public archery range for practicing. Those places might be over crowed and ruin your focus. In this situation, buying an archery target might be the perfect solution.

But choosing an archery target can be confusing. There are a few types of archery targets in the market. So it always depends on the needs of users. Some people learn archery as a sport, other for hunting. In this article, we have picked few of the best archery target for broadheads that you can find right now. We will also let you know why we choose these and how you can choose an archery target by yourself.

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Top 10 Best Archery Target Reviews

1. Morrell Double Duty Field Point Bag Archery Target


Morrell Double Duty Archery Target is one of the top archery targets in the market. It is an archery bag target capable of stopping high-speed field point bolt and arrow. It can stop arrows from any traditional bow, crossbow, compound bow, and hairbows.

This target bag comes with a replaceable cover. Replacement covers increase the longevity of the archery targets by 2-3 folds. It has an easy arrow removal process. Each side of this target bag has painted with different patterns. It has five traditional bullseyes, nine-ball bullseyes, dartboard, and deer vitals paintings.

Morrell Double Duty Archery Target is made with durable material. It can withstand thousands of arrow at high speed up to 450 FPS. This bag is highly portable. It totes carrying handles make it easier to move and carry. Overall it is one of the best archery targets you can find.



2. GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target


GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target is 3D deer archery targets. It is a life-size deer shaped archery targets with replaceable insert core. The design of the deer emulates 200lb live deer. So this may help people to relax their nerves when it’s time for a real hunt.

The insert core is replaceable. The core is a four-sided cube-shaped core. The deer’s vital organs are labeled on each side. This core stops arrows with friction instead of force. This prolonged the life of the insert core. You can buy the insert core separately.

This archery target can be used with both broadhead and field point arrows. The poly fusion technology makes it easier to remove the arrows. The replacement core allows the archery target to last for an extended period.

GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target can be a perfect practicing tool for hunters. There are very few live sized archery targets as good as this.



3. Black Hole - 4 Sided Archery Target for Fieldtips and Broadheads


Black Hole 4 sided archery target is affordable. It can stop both field points and broadhead arrows. It is a premium, economic target option for people with a budget.

This archery target has four sides with multiple offset aiming points. The wrapped sides are woven polypropylene sides. So you can shoot any field point arrows at the wrapped sides. The arrows are easily removable. It has four faces with bright, high contrast colors. These make the aim point visible from a distance.

Black Hole 4 sided archery target is designed for compound bow and crossbow. But it is not for high-speed crossbows. The lightweight makes this archery target very portable and easy to carry around.

This product comes in 2 sizes. The price also varies based on the size. This archery target is durable and can take a lot of shots. It is one of the best archery targets for money.



4. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target


Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme is another one of Morrell’s archery targets in this list. It is also designed for the field point arrows. This archery target can easily stop the high-speed arrow from compound bow and crossbow. It has 54 layers for stopping arrows and can stop arrows up to 350 FPS.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme can last after taking thousands of arrows. The outer cover is replaceable. The replaceable cover helps the archery targets to last longer than usual. It covers is a black and yellow cover. It lets you see the target from far.

This target bag can be used for indoor practice or tied to a tree. It has a very compact portable design that weighs around 30 pounds. Morrell recommends not to use arrows with field points larger than the arrow shaft.

This archery bag is slightly cheaper than most archery target bags. It is a perfect archery target for anyone who wants to improve their aim.



5. Block Classic Archery Target


Block Classic Archery Target is a two-faced archery target. It has a patented open layer design. The open layer design stops the arrow with friction rather than force. For this reason, the arrows can be removed easily.

This archery targets can stop both broad head and field tip arrows. It has a fascinating look. The target bag is black with white spots for shooting. The difference in color allows the users to see the white aim points from far.

Block Classic Archery Target comes in three sizes. They are 18″, 20″ and 22″. The price of the bag varies from size to size. All of them are lightweight. The built-in handle makes it portable. It is a wonderful archery target for beginners.



6. Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target


Block Black Crossbow is a premium 4 sided archery target. It is specially designed for the crossbow archers. This is a heavy-duty archery target and can stop both broad head and field tip arrows.

This archery target has a high-density core. It can stop extremely high-speed bolts from a crossbow. It stops the bolts with the help of friction. So the bolts can be removed easily. The open poly fusion technology allows the target to last a lot longer. 

The Block Black Crossbow is designed with high visual contrast for accuracy. The archery target has a black background, and the aim points are white. The aim points are designed in a way so that they are visible from a distance. The four sides have four different paintings.

This archery target is available in two sizes. The price of this archery target is higher than most of the archery target bags. But its premium built quality and design will make up for that. It is one of the archery target bags on this list.



7. Rinehart Targets 18-1 Broadhead Target


Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target is one of the unique archery targets in this article. It has 18 sides for shooting broadhead arrows. The color choice is also different. It has a black background with neon-colored aim points. This gives the archery targets a very modern look.

This archery target is built with self-healing foam. On top of it has 18 sides for shooting arrows. This unorthodox design choice makes it one of the most durable products on this list. Rinehart is also very confident about the durability of their products. They give a one year warranty for this archery target. They will replace it if all 18 sides are shoot out.

This product is very compact, lightweight, and portable. But unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive products on this list. If you are looking for an archery target with great longevity, you cannot go wrong with this archery target.



8. DELTA 51490 Bloodline Buck


DELTA 51490 Bloodline Buck is deer shaped archery targets. It is a good choice for people who like to visualize real hunting experience during their practice sessions. The design mimics real deer, and the weak points are labeled on the vital core.

The vital core is made from E-Z flex foam. This ensures easy arrow removal and maximum durability. This core is replaceable and can be bought separately. The core is reasonably priced. The core can stop any type of arrow form any bows.

This deer shaped archery target has less price than other deer shaped archery targets. It is an easy choice for people who are looking for animal-shaped archery targets. They will appreciate the design and quality of this excellent archery target.



9. GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target


GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck is the third live sized 3d archery target in this list. This version is a little bit taller and heavier than GlenDel Buck. The insert is also slightly bigger. The design mimics the size of a 250 pounds deer. The total height of this deer archery target is 60″.

The insert is a replaceable insert. It has 4 sides with a poly fusion core. The vital organs of the deer are labeled on all of the four sides. This gives a good perception about a deer’s anatomy and weak points. The insert core can stop both field points and bowhead arrows. You can buy new insert cores when the old one is damaged heavily.

This live sized 3D archery target can help the novice hunter to be calm during a hunting session. It is a good practicing tool for both beginners and skilled hunter. Once you bought the whole Archery target, you only have to replace the insert occasionally.



10. Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Bag Archery Target for Adult Bows


Morrel has a much good archery target bag for field points arrow. The Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Bag Archery Target is no different. It is a two-sided archery bag that can stop most high-speed bolts and arrows. The archery bag can stop arrows up to 380 FPS.

This weather-resistant archery target is made for people of all ages. It can be a great practice tool for anyone who is into archery. The product is made to last. It can take thousands of arrows and will last for a long time. It is perfect for the NASP archer, who begin their archery journey.

Morrell Supreme Range has a patented multi-layered design. This allows the user to removes the arrow easily. This archery target is quite expensive. But the longevity will make it up for the slightly higher price.



best archery target for broadheads : Buying Guide

Looking for archery targets without prior knowledge could be hard. There are various factors that are vital for choosing a good archery target. Here are some of the essential points to remember before buying an archery target.


The design preferences depend entirely on the individual. There are quite a few types of archery targets. The popular types are target bags and live sized animal design.

The archery target bags are usually cube-shaped. It may have 2 or 4 faces for shooting arrows. The sides are painted with various types of aim points and bullseyes. They are usually light and very portable. These types of archery targets have a multi-layered design for easy arrow removal.

The animal-shaped archery targets mimic the size of a real-life animal. The most popular design is deer shaped archery targets. In these types of archery targets, the vital organs are usually marked.

Archery target bags are usually preferred by students and novice archers. This type of target is the most used archery targets. On the other hand, the hunter prefers animal sized archery targets.

Types of Arrows

There are two major types of the arrow. One is field point arrow or field tip arrow. The other one is the broadhead arrow. Not all archery targets support both of these arrows. Most of the archery targets can stop field point arrows quite easily. But only a few archery targets can stop both field points and broadhead arrows.

There are also expandable arrows. The head of the arrow expands after shooting it. These types of the arrow are not very common. There are only a few handfuls of archery targets that can stop these without getting damaged. So it is always advised to choose an archery target that can stop the arrows you have.

Speed Limit

Some manufacturer gives a clear warning about the maximum arrow speed for archery targets. It is given in FPS or Feet per Second. All the bows have an FPS rating. The FPS of your bow should be lower than the FPS of your archery targets.

Arrow Removal

You should always want an archery target that allows easy arrow removal. Most of the consumer archery targets have a multi-layered design. This stops the arrow with the help of friction rather than force. For this reason, the arrows are easily removable with one hand.

On the other hand, if you buy an archery target board, it may be a little harder to pull the arrows. You need to pull the arrow with little more force than usual.


Durability should be the primary factor when buying an archery target. Most of the time, an archer needs to shoot thousands of arrows before improving his aim. So you do not want an archery target with a short lifespan.

There are some archery targets with a replaceable cover. They help the product last a lot longer. There are other products that have self-healing foam. Before buying any archery targets, consult an experienced archer to find a durable archery target.


Most of the archery target bags are portable. They are usable for both indoor and outdoor practices. The weight is the main factor when it comes to portability. For outdoor practice, a good portable archery target may relive you from a lot of hassle.


Price should be the least important factor when it comes to buying an archery target. People should always choose a proper archery target that fits their purpose. Some people like archery target bags and some like life-sized targets. The ideal price of an archery target completely depends on the individual’s preference and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an archery target?

An archery target is used by the archers to practice and improve their archery skills. An archery target may come in many forms and designs. The most commons archery targets are archery target bags. Aside from that, people use archery target boards and 3D archery targets.

Which type of targets is suitable for indoor practice?

In clubs, people usually use archery target boards. They have the popular multi-color ringed paint on the board, just like target archery. In households and schools, most people prefer archery target bags. These cube shape lightweight bags can easily stop high-speed arrow and are great tools for practicing.

Can I leave my archery targets outside?

Most of the archery targets are advertised as water and weather resistant. But that does not mean you can leave outside in the open air. Leaving your archery target will lessen its longevity and durability. They can withstand the weather change and water splash. But they will not last long under the open sun, pouring rain and harsh winter.

How durable is the archery target bags?

The durability completely depends on the product quality and how much arrow has been shot on the archery targets. All the archery targets can withstand a lot of arrows. But if you use too much broadhead arrows on the archery target bags, the cover may get damaged. Some archery target bag has a replaceable cover. They usually increase the longevity of the product.

How do I take care of my archery targets?

To get the most out of your archery target, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the right type of arrows. Never exceed the FPS limit of an archery target. Do not leave them outside. Keep them in a cool, dry place without moisture for a good lifespan.

Can I use an expandable broadhead?

Expandable broadhead arrows are rarely used by any archer. These types of the arrow can damage the archery target and might be hard to remove.

Will the archery targets make my arrowhead dull?

The archery targets will not make your arrowhead dull. Most of the modern archery bags stop the arrow with friction. The design keeps your arrowhead straight. If you shoot on a hard surface, then your arrowhead will get dull immediately.

What types of the arrow should I use?

Most of the people use field point arrows. For these reasons, many archery target bags are made for field point arrows only. They do not do too much damage to the archery targets. Some archery targets withstand thousands of field point arrows.

What are archery targets filled with?

There are many materials that can be used in an archery target. Manufacturers use material such as straw, hay, foam layers, cloth rags, high-density plastic, and others. Some people make archery targets with old newspapers, clots, cardboard, and carpet. The popular archery targets are made from multi-layered foam or high-density plastic materials.

Final Verdict

It is impossible to improve your archery skills without a good archery target. Archery targets may not be appreciated by common people, but archery lovers know the importance of it. They know that without shooting lots of arrows regularly, you cannot improve your archery skills and aim. For that purpose, a good durable archery target is a must. Good archery targets should be able to take a lot of beatings for an extended period of time. They will help you to improve your aim without worrying about the archery target’s longevity.

So, for the people who are into archery, we have picked ten best archery targets available in the market. These will improve your skills and make archery more enjoyable for you. Whether you are learning archery for hunting or target archery, you will find an archery target for you from this list.

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