9 Best Cheap Crossbow Under 200$ Reviews & Buying Guide For 2021

Many people love to hunt with a bow. When it comes to bow for hunting, there are many options. You can track using a longbow, recurve bow, compound bow, and even a crossbow. Each kind of bow has its pros and cons. The recurve bow and longbow have less draw weight. So they arrow travels at a moderate speed. But the price of a decent longbow and recurve bow is quite cheap. The compound bow has an adjustable draw speed depending on the bow. Many people find it difficult to use a compound bow.

But when it comes to crossbows, they have an insane amount of draw weights. So, the arrow travels at a very high speed and has maximum penetration capability. Crossbows are also very easy to use. Anyone can get used to hunting with a crossbow in a short amount of time. You can buy a good crossbow without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best cheap crossbows you can find.

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9 Best Cheap Crossbow Reviews

All of the crossbows on this list are good deals for the money. All of them are cheap. Some of them come with all the things a beginner hunter needs to practice and hunt. All of them have enough draw speed for hunting. They are well built compared to their prices.

This list offers 9 of the best crossbows under 200 dollars. All of the crossbows in this list are beginner and budget-friendly.

1. BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow


BOLT Crossbows The Seeker Crossbow is a lightweight crossbow for small hunting game. It is one of the cheapest crossbows in this list. This low price also reflects on its performance. By no means it is a bad bolt. But it is less capable than other crossbows in this list.

The crossbow has a moderate draw weight. The draw weight of this crossbow is 80 pounds. Eighty pounds draw weight is low compare to the other crossbow. But it can shoot arrows at a good speed. It can shoot plastic arrows at 200 FPS. The speed for the aluminum arrow is slightly lower. The aluminum arrow can reach a maximum speed of 160 FPS.

The Seeker crossbow comes with a foregrip. It helps you with your aim. The foregrip allows steady aim and good control over the bow. The arrow has a good auto safety mechanism. It prevents dry fires. The adjustable sight of the arrow helps to shoot with more accuracy.

This crossbow bundle includes three aluminum arrows and a paper target. The target customers for this crossbow are beginner hunters who want a crossbow for target practice. This crossbow is an obvious choice for people with a tight budget. BOLT Crossbows is very confident about the durability of this crossbow. That is why they offer a 1-year warranty for this crossbow.



2. Manticore SAS 150lbs Crossbow with Scope


Manticore SAS Crossbow is one of the cheapest crossbows in this list. But its performance is on par with the other relatively higher-priced crossbows. This crossbow has a very durable aluminum barrel construction. The stock is made from wood. The limbs are high-tech fiberglass limbs. So, the limb can withstand high pressure without bending.  It is a good fit for anyone who loves hunting. It is a perfect fit for any large hunting game.

Despite being cheap, it can hunt any large animal. Manticore SAS crossbow can shoot arrows at 210 FPS. The draw weight of this crossbow is 150 pounds. It has an auto safety cocking mechanism. It can shoot arrows with good accuracy up to 60 yards. So, it can be used by a beginner hunter.

This crossbow bundle provides some important crossbow accessories. It comes with a 4 x 20 scope for aim at your targets. You will get 6 aluminum arrows with it. Aside from the arrows and scope, you will also get a rope cocking device. 

The rope cocking device worth around $24.99. This crossbow is available in two colors. One is black, and another is green autumn camo. With good price and overall performance, this can be your weapon of choice on your next hunt.



3. iGlow Hunting Crossbow


iGlow Hunting Crossbow is one of the best cheap crossbows in the market. It has everything a beginner hunter might want from a crossbow. From its construction to its performance, everything is top-notch. This crossbow has a draw weight of 150 pounds. It is enough to hunt animals from a long distance. The 150 pounds draw distance allows the arrows to travel at high speed. The maximum arrow speed for this bow is 220 FPS.

The built quality of this crossbow is also excellent. The limbs are made from fiberglass. Fiberglass is a very durable material. It prevents the limbs from bending. The polished fiberglass limbs ensure great performance and durability for this hunting crossbow.

This hunting crossbow comes with some of the necessary accessories for hunting. It has a 4 x 20 scope. It helps to increase the precision of your shots. You will get a good rope cocking device worth $45.99. The rope cocking device will help to cock the crossbow every time you shoot. The basic bundle comes with 7 good arrows. You can choose other premium bundles with more accessories if you want. The price will vary based on the bundle you pick.

iGlow Hunting Crossbow has a few color options. You can choose from a Desert camouflage or Autumn camouflage paint. This crossbow has a good price to performance ratio. It is hard to find a good crossbow like this at such a low price.



4. KingsArchery Self-Cocking Crossbow Bundle


KingsArchery Self-Cocking Crossbow is another one of the pistol crossbows on this list. It is a perfect practicing tool for beginner hunters. It is lightweight and durable. So, beginners can practice for a more extended period. It also costs less than 100 bucks. So, it is very affordable.

Its draw weight is lower than most of the crossbow in this list. The draw weight of this crossbow is 80 lbs. It is not meant for hunting large animals. It is more of a practice bow. At most, you can hunt small birds and animals.

This crossbow has a decent built quality. The crossbow uses fiberglass material for durability. The sight is adjustable. The crossbow has an auto-safety cocking mechanism.  The self-cocking allows for a faster reload speed. This cheap crossbow bundle comes with 27 aluminum arrows. So, you can practice without the fear of losing all of your arrows.



5. CenterPoint Tyro 4X Recurve Crossbow Package


Centerpoint Tyro 4X Recurve Crossbow is one of the best cheap crossbows on this list. The price of it is slightly on the higher side. But its performance can speak for its high price tag. It has all the necessary features of a good crossbow. Form draw weight to its built quality, everything is excellent.

This lightweight crossbow has a unique built. It weighs only 5 pounds. The aluminum stock is adjustable. So, you can adjust the length from 30.5″ to 32.75″.  It is a recurve compound bow. The axel-to-axel length is 23 inches while cocked. The limbs are made from high-quality fiberglass material to prevent bending.

It is a very capable crossbow for hunting. The string can create 175 pounds of draw weight. The arrows travel at 245 FPS. It has a 4 x 32 scope for aim assist. All these things make this crossbow a perfect hunting tool.

Aside from good performance and built, it comes with all the necessary accessories as well. This bundle includes 4 arrows, a quick detach quiver, rope cocking tools, and rail lube. The foregrip storage compartment can store the rail lube and other small accessories. This crossbow has an auto-safety cocking mechanism. This crossbow is so good that the beginner hunter will adapt to it quickly.



6. SAS Honor 175lbs Recurve Crossbow Red Dot Scope Package


SAS Honor Crossbow bundle is the best crossbow bundle among all the bundles in this list. It has everything that you might want. This is an affordable recurve crossbow target towards the beginner hunters. This bundle includes all the things for hunting practice from the get-go.

This crossbow is good enough for real-life hunting. The draw weight of this crossbow is 175 pounds. The arrows can travel at 260 fps. This crossbow has a reflex red dot sight. So, you can shoot targets that are far away from you.

SAS Honor Crossbow is lightweight and has an adjustable length. The weight of this crossbow is 4 pounds. With all accessories, the weight is 5 pounds. The stock is adjustable too. The stock can go from 30.5” to 33”. The width of this crossbow is 28”.

This crossbow is available in only one color option. But, the bundle offers a fair amount of accessories. It includes 3 arrows, quick detach quiver, red dot sight, cocking device, and rail lube. So, it is hard to believe that this bundle costs less than $200.



7. SA Sports Empire Muddy Girl Fever Pro Crossbow Package


SA Sports Empire Muddy Girl Fever Pro Crossbow has everything you might want from a crossbow. It is capable of shooting arrows at a very high speed. The 175 pounds draw weight is capable of shooting arrows at 235 FPS. So it is capable of killing birds, deers and, other smaller animals.

This crossbow is made for comfortable use and maximum performance. It has a 4 x 32 scope for aim accuracy. The scope mount is weaver style adjustable scope mount. This bundle includes a lot of useful accessories. It has a quick detach quiver for keeping your arrows. The bundle consists of 4 aluminum arrows. 

The Shoulder sling is padded and very comfortable. The foregrip is removable. So, you can get a tactical foregrip or other accessories. It has an integrated broadhead wrench into the rifle style stock. This crossbow is compatible with a crank cocking device.

This crossbow has a slightly higher price. But it has a good built quality, performance and comes with a lot of good accessories. This crossbow is very comfortable to use. But it is clear from the color that the target customer for this crossbow is female. It is one of the best crossbows under 200 dollars on this list. Most hunting loving women will be happy to get this crossbow.



8. iGlow Hunting Compound Crossbow Archery


iGlow Compound Crossbow is another one of the good affordable crossbows from iGlow in this list. Like the other model from iGlow, this crossbow is also very capable. There is a lot of reason to consider this crossbow for your hunting tool. It has top-notch performance and built quality. 

The crossbow is constructed with an aluminum barrel and weaver rail. The limbs are polished fiberglass limbs. Fiberglass material is very effective to prevent bending of the limbs. The crossbow has a safe auto cocking mechanism.

Like its built quality, the performance of this crossbow is also top-notch. It has 150 pounds of draw weight. As a result, the arrows can travel more than 250 FPS. The draw speed is more than enough for deer hunting. This crossbow can be used by anyone. It has a decent size and weight. The crossbow is 36” long and weighs around 7.37 pounds.

This crossbow comes in four different color options. They are black, desert camouflage, autumn camouflage, and late-season camouflage. The included accessories are also good. iGlow includes 8 pieces of 16” arrows and rail lube. These things are enough for starting target practicing for hunting at a reasonable price.



9. Viking FX1-45 Recurve Crossbow Package


Viking FX1-45 Recurve Crossbow has all the features of a premium crossbow. Most people cannot believe that a crossbow like this exits in this price range. This crossbow has an insane amount of draw weight. The draw weight of this wonderful crossbow is 175 lbs. This allows the arrow to achieve a maximum speed of 240 FPS. The draw weight and arrow speed are more than enough to hunt any animal from far away.

This crossbow has many features for comfortable use and ultimate precision. The buttstock is adjustable. You can attach a shoulder sling in three ways. The ergonomic foregrip has removable thumb guards. The crossbow features an ambidextrous hand grip and auto-safety mechanism.

This recurve crossbow comes with all the necessary tools you want for your crossbow. It includes a rope cocking device, rail lube, quick detach quiver, and 16 arrows. The arrows are 16″ carbon fiber field point arrows. The scope is a 4 x 32 scope. It is handy to hit long-distance targets. The weight of this crossbow is also perfect. It weighs around 5.5 pounds. This amount of weight helps to use the crossbow for a longer period.

The price of this crossbow is slightly higher. Most of the time, this crossbow bundle has a price tag of around $200. The bundle includes a lot of accessories. So, the price is justifiable. It is one of the best crossbows under 200 dollars.



Buying Guide For The Best Cheap Crossbow under $200

Buying a good crossbow can be quite confusing. Most people think the higher the price, the better the crossbow is. But it is not true all the time. A high-end crossbow might be overkill for most beginners. You may also do not like the feel of it. Instead of buying an expensive crossbow, you should focus on buying a crossbow that suits you.

To buy a right crossbow, you need to know some vital information beforehand. Fortunately, these pieces of information are easy to remember. Remembering these following points will help you to find a good bow under $200.


The stock is the centerpiece of any crossbow. It holds the bow, sight, and the arrows. That is why your crossbow’s stock should be durable. In general, most people like a wooden stock. But a wooden stock also raises the price of it. So, if you cannot find a crossbow with a wooden stock, you can also choose an aluminum barrel stock crossbow. 

The aluminum stocks are light and durable. Some aluminum stock also allows customizing the length of the stock. Another common choice for cheap crossbows is fiberglass material. All three of these materials are capable of making a good crossbow’s stock.


The limbs hold the string of the crossbow. Crossbow has a higher draw weight than longbow and recurves bow. So, the limbs have to withstand a lot of pressure. If the limb is made with poor material, it can get bent after some use. The most used material for crossbow’s limbs is fiberglass material. 

There are some crossbows with plastic and aluminum limbs. But they are not as durable as fiberglass when it comes to limbs. Moreover, fiberglass is not that expensive. So, it is better to get a crossbow with fiberglass limbs.


The preferred weight of the crossbow varies from person to person. It may depend on the person’s physical build, strength, sex, and a variety of other factors. Typically 5-7 pounds crossbows are comfortable during hunting. The weight of the crossbow does not affect its price. Choose a weight that you are comfortable during hunting.

Draw Weight

Draw Weight is the most critical factor for a hunting crossbow. The draw weight determines how fast and far the arrows can travel. If you want a crossbow for hunting, your crossbow’s draw weight should be at least 150 pounds. With it, you can hunt a large animal like deers. If you want a crossbow for practicing, go for a crossbow with less draw weight than 100 pounds.

Arrow Speed

The arrow speed of a crossbow can be deceiving. Most of the manufacturer rate arrow speed in FPS or Feet Per Second. But they do not tell how far you can shoot accurately with their bow. Rather than depending on the arrow speed, give more attention to the draw weight.

Crossbow Sight

Crossbow sight is extremely helpful in shooting a long-distance target. There are a few types of crossbow sight available. The popular ones are 4 x 20 scope, 4 x 32 scope, and red dot sight. Having any kind of view is better than nothing. But the best crossbow sight is 4 x 32 mm scope with red dots.

Included Accessories

Included Accessories are also a useful bargaining chip for cheap crossbows. Some crossbows have a lot of accessories like a quiver, scope, rail lube, rope cocking device, and arrows. These included accessories will help you to minimize the cost of hunting practice.


Price is a significant factor when buying any products for your hobby. Most of us live on a tight budget. So, how much we can spend on a hobby might not be that significant. To get a right hunting crossbow, you may have to spend around $100-$200. There are a few outstanding quality crossbow available under $200.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hunt a deer with my crossbow?

You can hunt deer or large animal if your crossbow has enough draw weight. Most crossbow has a draw weight of around 150 lbs and over. A decent crossbow with 150 or 175 pounds of draw weight is good enough for hunting deers or other large animals.

Are crossbows safe for children?

Crossbows are not safe for children. Even a lower draw weight crossbows are dangerous. You should not buy your children crossbows as a toy. A crossbow can be deadly. It can cause serious damage to the body and even death.

Are cheap crossbows good for hunting?

Crossbow’s hunting capability does not depend on its price. If your crossbow has enough draw weight, then you are good to go.

Can I leave a cocked crossbow for the whole day?

No. It is not recommended to leave the crossbow cocked for more than four hours. You should let down the bow after four hours. Then you go the crossbow for half an hour before cocking it again.

Can a 50 lbs crossbow kill a human?

Crossbow is very deadly and capable of killing a human. A human may die with even less. You should never point your crossbow to other humans. If you misfire an arrow toward someone, they might die. Children should never use crossbow, and adults should use it in a less populated area with maximum precaution.

Is cheap crossbow good for home defense?

Crossbow is very deadly and capable of killing a human. A human may die with even less. You should never point your crossbow to other humans. If you misfire an arrow toward someone, they might die. Children should never use crossbow, and adults should use it in a less populated area with maximum precaution.

Final Verdict

A right crossbow can make your hunting session comfortable and enjoyable. It will make your shot accurate and let you improve at a reasonable rate. Luckily, a right crossbow is not that expensive. You can find a right hunting crossbow just under $200. And these 9 best cheap crossbows are the proof of it.

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