9 Best Compound Bow For Beginners Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

Are you crossing a compound bow for the first time? If yes, then you have come to the right article.

The compound bow is entirely different from the traditional bow. A compound bow has a cam system that mechanizes to maximize the energy storage throughout the draw cycle. It is comfortable to hold, and you can run accurately with less effort. It also enhances the opportunities to hit the target. A compound bow is an excellent extension for a hunter.

Picking the ideal compound bow is the most confusing decision. You will find numerous brands that have a variety of compound models. Which compound bow will match your body?

To release your hassle here, I come with the best solution for you. So read the full article to know more about nine best compound bow for beginners.

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The 9 Best Compound Bow For Beginners Reviews

Compound Bows choice will vary from users to users according to their preferences.  For that reason, we have chosen a wide variety of products in this compound bow reviews. Hopefully, you will find a good compound bows perfect for you.

1. Genesis Original Compound Bow for Beginners


The Genesis Original compound bow is specifically designed that fits almost everyone. After releasing this bow, it got much response from archers of all sizes. For sturdy builds, it lasts many years. If you pull weight from 10 to 20 lbs., you can shoot arrows accurately.  The draw weight can adjust with a 3/16″ hex wrench for more efficiency.

The Genesis compound bow is ultra-lightweight, which is ideal for youngsters.  If the bow is heavier, it can be a big handling problem. Weight is the main thing of the bow. So the bow is made of Machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser, aluminum cam, and idler wheel that makes it so light. For a lightweight design, the kids can handle it correctly.

Also, the bow features a zero let-off system, so with light pulls weight such 5lbs, it archives much speed. You can target at 170 fps speed with 3.5 lbs. of mass weight. The bow has one cam, so you don’t face tuning problems, and you can shoot accurately without noise. However, the Genesis bows are available in both left-handed and right-handed structures.



The Genesis Original Bow is the best beginner compound bow. It is more durable, very lightweight, and easy to adjustable. The price of Genesis is also very reasonable. You can easily adjust the length and draw weight. Using this bow, the learners can improve accuracy—the adjustability and length suit almost every young shooter and also for the whole family.

2. Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow


SAS is the right gear for new shooters. High quality, durability, and performance offer a chance to develop a shooter’s skill. The bow is lightweight as the rage riser is made of durable aluminum. You can attach all standard accessories with the riser like stabilizer that helps to draw an accurate shoot. The bow has 35″ axle to axle, which is very useful for inexperienced shooters. There is a plastic molded on the Rage that offers a good grip.

You can adjust the draw weight easily. Losing the bolt weight decreases about 5lbs and tightens the bolt and the weight will increase. In hunting, the SAS provides much power that is very effective. This bow features a dual eccentric cam system that gives you smooth and consistent performance.

The compound bow is affordable as they use fiberglass in the lamb system. The layered fiberglass frame isn’t bad, and it also saves money. These split limbs are durable and slightly lighter. Usually, the bow has a 70 lbs. Draw rate that produces 270 feet in speed per second. This speed is great for hunting. The noise of the SAS Rage is tolerable. However, the disadvantage is 4.4 lbs—the weight of the bow. For beginners, heavyweight is a big problem during controlling.



The SAS outrage compound bow is a perfect choice for entry-level. In this price range, the bow provides quality performance. The bow contains a modernized and straightforward design. The dual cams help to improve the draw.

3. Siege SAS 55 lb 29'' Compound Bow


The Siege 55 lbs. 29″ compound bow is another model of SAS lineup. This Siege model is available in a large proportion. The bow is adjustable and suits both teenagers and adults. The bow has 29 inches draw length and 41.5 inches axle to axle.

The Siege SAS compound bows are very user friendly and lightweight. The net weight of the bow is 4 lbs. while the draw weight is 40 to 55 lbs. The riser is made of aluminum that makes the bow light. Also, the bow is strong and sturdy, especially in this price range. The ABS compressed limbs that are nicely placed in limb pockets and help to draw the bow accurately.

There are cut-outs in the riser that offer a waffle look. If you go for fish or small animal hunting, then this model is for you. When you string pulled back with 55 lbs of force, and then the dual-cam will activate. When you release the string, it will produce 206 feet speed per second. To run the bow properly, you need a 30 inches arrow that is made of carbon and aluminum.



The SAS Siege is an excellent compound bow. It is an ideal model for the archer who is on a budget. In my opinion, the bow will give great value for money, which is hard to beat. Overall stylish look, durability, quality materials, accuracy, and lightweight all make the bow a perfect model.

4. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package


The Infinite Edge Pro is a high quality, versatile, and feature-packed bow. This bow is the best model of Diamond Archery. You can adjust the bow in three different stages, which are suitable for teenagers, adult women, or men. You will see an “A” setting, a “B” setting and a “C” setting on the cam”s string point that allows maximum flexibility. The draw is suitable for multi shooters.

The riser is made of aluminum, which is ultra-light. The grip is made of durable rubber that is hard, texturized. For colder weather the rubber is perfect. The axle to axle measurement is 30″, and brace height is 7″. The string is made from handmade Octane, which is quite standard. The draw length can adjust between 13″ to 31″. You can also adjust the draw weight from 8 to 70 lbs. according to your ability. The bow comes with high-end accessories, which are beginner-friendly. In this price range, the bow offers impressive quality that enhances your shooting experience.

The beginner’s expectations will be exceeded shooting with the Edge Pro as the bow supplies much power. With 70 lbs draw weight, the bow produces 310 fps IBO. The draw also features a solid back wall that will give you a smooth and comfortable experience. The bow weight is 3 lbs. so that you can easily carry around.



The Edge Pro is a flexible and versatile compound bow that is loaded with powerful features. The bow is great for hunting and target shooting. Pro or beginner, the bow will match with every skill.

5. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow


The Cruzer G2 is the maximum versatile bow in the Bear Archery lineup. The bow is adaptable in the ever-changing environment. The bow is designed for all ages and all skill levels. Whatever adventure comes in the way you can handle correctly. The bow contains a slim design that integrates the grip on the riser. So when you get a decent grip, you can handle it better.

The bow is lightweight with 3 lbs. and very easy to handle. The draw weight can be adjusted from 5 to 70 lbs. between 12″ to 30″ with just an Allen wrench and no need for a bow press. The length of axel to axel is 32″. The bow can quickly shoot with powerful speed. You can produce 315 feet per second with 5 to 70 lbs. draw weight. The speed is just right for hunting. 

The Cruzer G2 has machined an aluminum riser and high precision limb pockets that offer a smooth draw. The EnduraFiber Limbs help to control power. The bow eliminates vibration and noise as it has the RockStops offset string suppressor. The G2 is available in both left and right-handed shooters. The bow is packed with riser, limbs, cams, and string accessories. So the bow comes with everything that you need to start a hunt.



If you want to invest in such a bow that lasts for years and even lifetime, then the Cruzer G2 is the best compound bow. The bow is recommended for hunters, shooters, and adventure trips. The extreme customization capabilities offer a shooter to improve their skill. It will give you accurate shots, whether you are a beginner or pro.

6. Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpii 55 Lb 29" Compound Bow


No doubt Southland Archery always provides quality bows. The SAS Scorpii is one of the best compound bows for beginners. The riser is made from sturdy aluminum as well. The net weight is 4.4 lbs., and it is a bit heavy, but you can remain to carry it. For a waffle look, there are cut-outs in the riser.

The SAS Scorpii compound bow offers you a lot of flexibility with its quality accessories. There is 35″ axel to axel measurement that provides a steady draw. There is a dual cam installation which offers the shooters to draw correctly. The dual eccentric cam system of the bow works really smoothly. The draw length is 29″ and dream weight over 55 lbs., which can be adjustable by loosening and tightening the bolt according to your needs. With 55 lbs. draw weight, it gives 240 FPS. It is a decent speed compared to other brands.

The bow has ABS limb spans that help to maintain balance, weight, and strength. You may feel the bow nosier that is surprising. But you have choices to buy limb dampeners which eliminate the sound. The overall performance of this bow is quite satisfying in this budget.



SAS Scorpii compound bow is very user friendly. The highly mechanized construction makes the bow easy to control. The bow is affordable, and you will get a powerful bow that shoots the arrow with accuracy. For its affordable price, it is a highly recommended bow in the market.

7. Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow


The Cruzer Lite is the best compound bow for beginners in the bear archery lineup. It gives big inspirations to your little one. The bow is just right for a young hunter, and it looks like the bow will grow along with them. The string stop system can be highly adjustable to vary 12 to 17 inches and draw weight from 5 to 45 lbs. There is a growth spurt, and the adjustment is great; that’s why you don’t need a bow every time. So from young to adult, they can use this bow.

The Cruzer Lite bows are available in 5 bright colors that offer a cool look and increase kid’s interest. The Compound bows are lightweight as it has aluminum riser tipping. For its simple design, you get a good grip. It is a side plated grip that simply combines the rise area. The thin neck works well for small hands.

The Cruzer Lite bow has MVL cam, which is the powerhouse of the bow. MVL cam gives 15 inches of adjustment ranging between the module systems. Also, you do not need to press the bow as the module moves quickly. If the bow let off in the cam 70% and speed rating will be 290 feet per second. So one can draw and hit the bow without pressure at 45 pounds.



Kids are augmentative, so Bear comes with the best solution. The Cruzer Lite is the best compound bow for beginners. If you buy a Cruzer Lite Bow, you need not buy bows every year. For great adjustability, it is excellent for kids, teenagers, and anyone with small bodies. The lightweight materials and controlling system are unique.

8. Gen-X Compound Bow


Gen-X is a powerful compound bow that is enough for hunting or shooting. The bow contains a progressive let off design that is very easy to use. It is a sturdy bow that uses standard materials and is all made in the USA. The riser, cam, and idler wheels are made of machined 6061-T6 aluminum to keep the bow light, but it is robust. The riser is pre-drilled and tapped so that you can attach the standard accessories. The weight is only 3.4 lbs., and this bow is a must for beginners.

The simple design and versatility increase the value of the bow, and it fits every variety of shooters. The bow takes a standard draw weight of 40 lbs. And it can adjust a minimum of 25 lbs. that allows all levels of shooters. With a 3/16″ hex wrench, you can adjust the draw weight, and the needed tool is provided by the manufacturer. Another draw length can adjust between 21″ to 30″. The bow comes with a variety of colors and camo options.

 Gen-X bow has 35 ½” axle-to-axle that ensures the bow has perfect stability, and the shooters can aim easily. Also, the molded grip offers comfortable to use every time. However, the brace height is 7.5/8″.



The archers of different skills, ages, and strengths can easily use the Gen-X bow. The bow is flexible enough and affordable too. It is highly recommended for beginners who want to improve their skills.

9. Leader Accessories Compound Bow - Archery Hunting Equipment


Leader Accessories is the best beginner compound bow that receives only rave reviews from the loving users. It is an ideal bow for beginners that mixes quality and affordability. The bow comes with a kit that you need for hunting like optic sight, paper target, whisker biscuit arrow rest, carbon arrows, a bow, and a bow bag.

The draw lengths are 19 to 19,” and the weight is 30 to 55 lbs. That is great starting now for an archer. The teens can pull 30 lbs. and adjust it with the Allen wrench as they like. The Allen wrench comes with the bow. In my opinion, 45 pounds is okay for hunting. No one will face a problem with the draw weight, and it works smoothly. With this draw rate, the bow provides a max 296 FPS speed.

The bow is lightweight with 3.3 lbs. as it has an aluminum riser. For lightweight, you can carry it without any problems. The axel to axel length is 28′. However, the bow is only in the right-handed, so the left-handed archers can’t buy it. You also get one year of guarantee with the bow.



Leader accessories is an excellent package for hunting. The bow is well designed and safe. You can enjoy a happy hunting experience with this bow. The bow is strong and sturdy and lasts for years. At such a price, you will get so many accessories. I like the idea and suggest you buy to experience the life of an archer.

How to Choose The Best Compound Bow for beginners

There are many technical facts to consider before buying an ideal compound bow. Here we will guide you step by step so that you can choose the right one. Follow the tips below:


According to the cam numbers, the compound bow can divide into four categories. Like the binary cams, twin-cams, single cam, and hybrid cams. The binary cam contains three grooves of twin-cam design. It gives extremely high speed and is ideal for nock travel. But it is a complicated design and beginners should avoid it.

Twin cams mean there are two cams at each end. It provides great accuracy and high speed. These kinds of cams are user friendly for the entry-level archers.Single cam is also known as one cam or solo cam. Single cam includes at the bottom of the compound bow, and a circular idler wheel is designed at the top.

Nowadays, hybrid cams have become popular. There is a control cam on the top and a power cam on the top. This kind of bow can use both beginner and pro.

Axle length

Smooth shots depend much on the Axle length. Short length bows are easy to maneuver, but it is difficult to shoot. Who wants to be a master, then a short bow is right for you and also for who shoots from tree stands. On the other hand, longer length bows are suitable for beginners as it is easy to handle.

Draw weight

The compound bow’s draw weight is conveyed in-lbs. or pounds. It means how much effort or power you need to achieve the full draw with your bow. The best bows can pull without pressure and a smooth or slow manner. Most of the bows have the feature of adjustment to draw weight. You can adjust it according to your body, skill, and level.

Brace height

Brace height is the length from grip and string at rest. It is difficult to shoot with a lower brace height bow. On the contrary, higher brace height is more forgiving but slower. Most of the bow has 7″ brace height. But you try different brace heights to find out the bow that matches your needs. Average 50 lbs. are perfect to kill a whitetail.

Draw length

The distance between the grip and bowstring of the compound bow is called draw length. You will find a variety of bows with draw length adjustment. Less draw length impact negatively on your speed. So for beginners to use more draw length.


The limbs are placed above and below the riser. It is the most flexible part of compound bows. Usually, it is made of wood or fiberglass. The limbs generate power when you drawback, so choose strong limbs. Cams are connected at the ends of the limbs.

Bow weight

Overall, bow weight impacts much on hunting. Lighter bows are easier to handle and shoot, but it creates much noise and is vibrant. Heavier bows absorb noise, and it is quieter, but you feel tired.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain my riser?

the riser plays the central role in your bow performance, so it is important to keep your bow safe. The riser is the central part that units all the aspects of your bow. So, maintain the rules to keep your riser safe:

Make sure the grip is stable. Cracks and gaps of grip may create problems, and sometimes it can be loose, so check the grip.

Look at the limbs and make sure they are attached properly. It is necessary that the limbs fit perfectly. If there is any wobble, it will create problems. If there is any wobble, then consult a bow tech immediately.

Ensure that all the necessary accessories are attached properly. The arrow rest, bow sight, stabilizers, quiver, and cable guard are placed accurately.

How to take care of the bowstring?

If you don’t take care of the bowstring, then it will tear. So take a careful look at the bowstring and find if there are any frayed threads or the correct location. If you find any default, you should replace it as it is incredibly dangerous to use a defective string. To maintain the quality of the bowstring, you need to keep it with wax. So following these rules, you can take care of the bowstring.

How can I reduce bow noise?

Usually, when you draw, you can hear a strong noise from the bow. The modern bow has accessories that help to eliminate sounds. But you can also reduce it by doing some simple tasks. Actually, most times, the noise comes from the bowstring. 

So you can add a string silencer and reduce noise and vibration. Also, you can use the limb dampers and string stoppers. Another tip is basic bowl maintenance can decrease sounds. If you use lubricants on moving parts and maintain it regularly, you can avoid the sound.

How to store my bow properly?

To use the bow for a long time, you must store it properly. Otherwise, it will be damaged. So make sure your bow and bowstring are nicely clean. After coming from outdoors, you must remove dirt from the bow, string, and accessories.

Keep the bow in a case for storage or travel. Bow cases come with two cases – hard and soft. For storage, a soft case will work as it is made of durable fabrics. But for traveling, you must choose a hard case that is made of hard plastic or wood. 

Hard cases will protect the bow when you carry it a place to place. If you don’t have any of them, just hang it up on a wall. Moreover, be careful of the heat as it can damage the bowstring and cables.

Final Verdict

We have talked about our top picks. We pick bows from well-known manufacturers. Buying a compound bow can be a complicated process. You must carry a bow around for the hunting season. So when you buy it, first think about your personal needs that match with the bow. 

All these above bows are recommended by experts, and they have all the capabilities that can match your needs. These versatile bows will suit everyone and are affordable too. If you choose one of these, you can improve your skill and also experience a successful hunting trip.

I hope you find the best compound bow for beginner from here. Because at present these are the best beginner compound bows in the market

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