Barnett TS390 Crossbow Review​

Barnett is one of the best crossbow manufacturing company that construct high-quality crossbows. Crossbows are the precise and powerful device that can truly up the ante during hunting sessions or archery competitions. In the market, there are too many good options. So, it is hard to find a perfect crossbow according to the taste.

If you are looking for a crossbow that provides a nice balance between power and usability Barnett TS 390 is a perfect choice for you.

The crossbow is lightweight and can shoot 390 feet per second speed. It allows itself to be operated quickly and efficiently in the field. Its aim is very precise, making this great crossbow for medium and large prey hunting. The crossbow includes some accessories that will help you in the game field.

If you are looking for a mixture of power and usability at an affordable price then Barnett TS 390 is the right choice for you.

Barnett TS390 Crossbow Review: Quick View

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Design By Barnett TS390 Crossbow

The crossbow has a digital gray wrap that makes the bow look more attractive. You will get a fast crossbow that can send bolts flying at a speed of 390 fps. Besides speed, it also develops 128 ft-lbs of kinetic energy and its power stroke reached up to 14.25 inches. As the draw weight is 187 pounds, the user will find it manageable and easy to use. Without any accessories mounted on it, its weight is 7. Pounds which is not light nor heavy either.

Barnett TS390 Crossbow's Feature:

Barnett TS 390 is a full package bow that includes everything that one needed for bow shooting. The modal comes with a quiver that can be mounted on one side so that you can keep your bolts close by and easy to access for a headache-free performance. 

The crossbow comes with a wide range of safety features that contributes to its high efficiency. You will also get an advanced trigger system that increases shot technology. Even beginners can easily assemble it. Some more features are-

  • Adjustable Butt Stock.
  • Digital Gray Finish.
  • String Dampeners.
  • Finger safety Reminder.
  • Pass-Through Foregrip.
  • Rope cocking device.
  • Three Picatinny Rails.
  • Soft-Lok floating Bristle arrow retainer.

Let’s have a more close look at the features of Barnett TS 390-

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Barnet TS390 Build

There are so many crossbows in the market but the models designed by Barnett attract most because its products are durable and have excellent features. TS390 is another best product for this company. You will get a ventilated stock that can also be adjustable. 

The flight track made from CNC machined aluminum for added sturdiness. The riser is made from fiberglass composites to ensure that, the performance offered, the model is still comfortable to manipulate.


You don’t need to assemble it. The parts are delivered as assembled.


The TriggerTech trigger system on TS 390 is the most advanced available. Frictionless Release Technology employs a unique, free-floating roller between the trigger and sear, instilling confidence and boosting accuracy while facilitating an incredibly smooth and light three-pound trigger pull with zero creeps. Nock sensors and ADF mean a spring-loaded safety bar that remains in place and protecting the user from accidents.


TS 390 comes with a piece of safety equipment. The position of the foregrip helps you to secure your hold on the bow and reduce the chance of an accident. Its equipped with a nock sensor and anti-dry fire trigger system to eliminate dry fires. Finger guards & finger safety reminders that ensure to prevent accidents.

Noise and vibrations

When you are hunting you don’t want your crossbow string to start vibrating once you release the bolt. TS 390 has string dampeners in a place whose primary role is to eliminate vibration and therefore, noise, making you not only deadly but silent as well.

Stocks and limbs

TS 390 crossbow limbs are durable. It gives a comfortable grip to the user. The limbs are of composite material and foregrip is quite comfortable to hold. The foregrip and flared finger guard pass through in the stock. The foregrip is comfortable and makes the finger away from flight rail. The split design of the quad limb allows us to accelerate faster.


The TS 390 crossbow has great accuracy in shooting. It shoots 390 feet per second speed that is one of the fastest shooting bow used for hunting. For this super fast speed it can be used in a large game.


The crossbow has a digital gray wrap that makes the bow to look more attractive. It’s a perfect combination of looks and power.

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Performance of TS390 Crossbow:

TS 390 is a super-strong, powerful, fast, lightweight, and stylish crossbow. It is one of the best crossbow of the Barnett series. The adjustable ventilated stock, CNC machined aluminum flight track and a fiberglass composite step-through riser that produces a light and fast-handling package. 

TS 390 gives you a fast shooting experience. A premium 4*32 illuminated scope allows for fast, clear target acquisition, while string dampeners attenuate sound and vibration. The Picatinny rails are provided to hold a variety of accessories, while the side-mount quiver keeps arrows in place. The TriggerTech system is the most advanced.

TS 390 takes is a high-performance crossbow. Its features are excellent and provide an excellent shooting experience to the shooters.



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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many question about it. But I answerd the most important some question.

Q: Do I have to assemble the parts?

No, you don’t need to assemble the parts as it will be delivered as assembled. So, it is easy to access.

Q: What are the included components that will offer for free?

That included components are lube wax, premium 4*32 illuminated scope, two 22 inches headhunter arrows, side mount quiver, and cocking device.

Q: Is it good for hunting?

Yes, it is good for hunting. It’s a super-fast and powerful that can shot 390 feet per second which is enough for hunting.

Q: TS 390 Affordable?

The price is a little bit high but according to its feature, it is at an affordable price. If you want to get an excellent hunting experience it will be a great option for you.

Barnett TS 390 Crossbow: Final Verdict

Barnett TS390 crossbow in a fast and stylish crossbow. It is easy to assemble. It comes with a safety system that protects users from any kind of accident. The string Dampener controls the noise and vibration that gives a clam hunting experience. Because of easy assembly and lightweight, it can be successfully used by the beginners and the seasoned hunters. 

The velocity of this crossbow is 390 feet per second and can be used for hunting and middle-range game. It also includes some accessories that help you during the shooting time. Apart from being a little bit costly is a perfect crossbow recommended by shooters? So, finally is to say that this bow will make your hunting experience more enjoyable.

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