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Don’t find the best compound bow case? Then take a look at my review to find out the best one.

Believe it or not, archery has become a famous sport or creative art. So no matter which type of archer you are, you need a durable compound bow case where you can keep the bow and other accessories safely. Also, for traveling, hunting, or storage, you need an eligible bow case. But it is difficult to find the right case. 

Before buying a case, you need to consider some facts that make your investment worth it. When you have a compound bow case, you already know that they are unique from other types of bows. The compound bows come with the delicate part; you need to maintain it properly. Otherwise, the function will be affected. So you need a flexible bow case. 

Here I come with my top picks. I will tell you 10 best compound bow cases. These reviews will guide you in this process. 

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The 10 Best Compound Bow Case Reviews

1. Allen Company Compound Bow Case (35 to 41 inches)

Allen compound bow case is the best soft case in the market. The dimensions of the bow case are 41 L x 18.5 W x 3 H inches. So you can use mostly for all types of compound bows that have 35 to 40 inches axle to axle. You will find this bow case in three different colors, and they are yellow, green, and beige. Colors can help you to disguise yourself in nature. 

Allen bow case combines spaces and durability. It is a soft case, but it doesn’t mean it is cheap. It will give you full support. The case is made of tightly woven polyester. The material is tear-resistant and punctures furnishing. There are also high-quality, sturdy zippers and lines on the case. 

While you will travel with this bow case, it will save your bow from damage. The brushed tricot internal liner and webbing straps will secure it. There are five additional pockets that help you to keep your stuff organized. The large pockets allow you to keep arrows or quivers. Overall the unique design offers quick release. 



Allen compound bow case is a trustworthy name among the users. It secures your bow while traveling or transporting. Along with the bow, the case will secure other items. You can also choose the bow case in your favorite color. The case will last for years. 

2. Plano Mil-Spec Fieldlocker Compound Bow Case

Plano Field Locker is just the case that you are looking for. It will give you exceptional protection and flexibility. If you are flying cross-continent or driving or wherever you go, this bow case will secure the bow. Like another case of Plano, this compound bow case has a military spec and is equipped with a reinforced structure. This bow case is water-resistant too. 

The bow case’s inside measures are 43.7 in L x 16.14 in W x 5.90 H and from outside its dimensions are 46.45 in L x 18.11 in W x 7.08 in H. Most compound bows will fit in this case. These are two handles that are very user friendly. In the front, there are four locks and four padlock areas, which are heavy-duty and sturdy.

 You can travel easily with this bow case. It features a smooth glide enclosed ball bearing wheel which runs like butter. This case is made in the USA, and it is very durable. You can use it for years. There is extra internal storage where you can keep six arrows.



Plano Field locker is the best bow case. It is made of durable materials that allow you to use it in any situation. It is the ultimate choice for hunters. 

3. Legend - Apollo Compound Bow Case

The Legend Apollo compound bow case will give you superior protection. It has versatile uses. This will protect your bow while you go for hunting, traveling, competing as well as for storage. Usually, a super hard shell case is very heavy to carry. This Apollo soft case will provide you the same protection at half of the weight. This bag design is lightweight that you can easily take hunting, tournaments, or target shooting.

The Apollo now case comes in four different sizes. You can get them in 37” to 44” length and 15” height. You can customize them as your favorite colors. The case comes in blue, green, grey, orange, purple, red, or yellow colors with contrast pockets and zippers. There are also many outer zipper and Velcro pockets that hold the other equipment. Every pocket is locked with heavy-duty zippers and has easy hook and loop closures.

The Apollo bow has the perfect combination of durability and portability. There is thick shock foam on every side to protect the bow. The case features a rip and water-resistant from the outer nylon shell. It also has a padded shoulder strap and a neoprene handle to add more comfort. Ultimately it is the safest case in the market in this category.



Legend Apollo bow case offers superior performance. They genuinely care for the customers so that they will provide a 30 days money-back guarantee with their bag. And also a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

4. SAS Deluxe Double Compound Bow Case

Hunters who have two bows and need a durable case, SAS Deluxe double compound bow case is for them. You can easily fit two bows of up to 36” axle to axle length. You can also keep one fully loaded bow with the quiver attached. And you can take all other necessary items that you need for hunting in this case. In the lower front compartment, you can take full-sized arrows. Actually, there are many pockets that you need for storage.

The SAS bow case is a simple soft bow case. It is made of imported black nylon. There are three extra pouches over the bag to keep all the necessary items like broadhead, bow squares, nocks, and releases, etc. 

The measures of the bow case are 43″W x 17.5″H x x 7″ D where you can fit two or a fully loaded bow. There is a removal bow divider so that you can take one full loaded bow. It comes with a padded handle for a better grip while traveling. You can also use the shoulder sling for carrying.



The SAS deluxe dual compound bow case is built of imported materials that make it sturdy and the best quality case. It is a soft case yet durable and used for transporting, hunting or in no use. You can take all the necessary items in this bag and also your clothes, in case of staying a couple of days. 

5. Legend Everest Hybrid Roller Bow Case - Compound Archery Gear Rolling Travel Bag

Usually hard bow cases are expensive, heavier and have no extra pockets. Again the soft case is less expensive, lightweight and provides less protection. So Legend offers a hybrid case combining these two versions. Everest is the most flourishing hybrid roller case in the market. It is the best solution for any travel whether you go by air, train, or car. You can carry you expensive bow and archery gear with this Everest bow case. 

Everest provides intensive protection and security with storage options. This bow case features a steel metal frame with thick padding and PE board that protects the Cam, nylon fasteners, and buckle straps to secure gear. This bow case has a sturdy design with 1680D nylon construction, rubber safety directing on corners, and heavy-duty zippers. 

The bow case is lighter than a hard case. It has 15 lbs weight which is perfect for travel. The case comes in two sizes of 40” or 44”x14.7″x8″ where you can fit your bow perfectly. You can adjust 2 compound bows. There are two portable zippered bags, inside the mesh and three front pockets to organize accessories. It has a telescopic arrow tube included. For easy bearing, there are replaceable wheels with TSA locks. 



This Everest hybrid compound bow case is the best solution for travelling with your expensive bow and archery gears. It is very durable and keeps your bow and accessories. This case is the most trusted companion of your travelling as it provides the ultimate protection.

6. Legend Crusader Compound Bow Soft Case with Protective Padding

The Crusader compound is an affordable compound bow case from the Legend lineup. It is less expensive than other Legend bow cases, but it does not mean it is cheap quality. This bow case will give you exceptional protection. To protect the bow against damage, there is used extra thick closed-cell foam padding. It will survive in any condition as the case is made of super durable nylon fabric, which is weather resistant. 

The Crusader bow case features an attractive Realtree Camo print, and it is waterproof too. You can fit more compact bows, and the measures are 35 inches long and 16.5 inches high. It has a premium tricot for scratch protection inside the case so that it can protect the bow from shock. Two adjustable interior fastener straps hold the bow in place and do not move while traveling. There are three interior mesh pockets and four exterior pockets where you can store other archery accessories.

The exciting features are that the case can be turned into a backpack case for easy transporting. You will find the concealed padded backpack straps in a neat zippered compartment. There is also a neoprene protected handle and oversized durable zippers for easy opening. However, this bow case is lightweight and tested for flexibility. You will also get a manufacturing guaranty.



The crusader is the best compound bow case in this category. It provides exceptional protection, and the versatile use offers easy transporting. You will have a great hunt with this case. 

7. Tihebeyan Compound Bow Bag - Archery Bow Backpack

Tihebeyan is known as no 1 bow backpack. It is a durable soft bow case. The Oxford clothes are used in this bag. The fabric is so strong it will protect the bow from damaging. Outdoor hunting, training or tournament wherever you go it will give you support. The bow backpack comes only in black colour. So you don’t customize the color, and it is an unfortunate matter when you go hunting. Otherwise, the bag is perfect for the archers.

The Tihebeyan bag is made of high-quality fabric and zippers. The heavy-duty zippers allow you to be conveniently open and close. There is a reflection of firm stitching and neat works man ship. The bow backpack measures are 34.4” length and 17.7” high. It is a standard size of the bow. So you can take a 34” axle to the axle bow inside the case. There is a roomy storage from inside. You can keep various items along with the bow. 

The bow backpack is lightweight and portable. It has a widened handle and adjustable shoulder straps that ensure convenience and comfort when you carry. You can use the backpack for years as it is durable enough. You can wash it and the color will not fade at all. 



Tihebeyan is an impressive bow backpack. It contains high quality fabric and zippers. The simple design allows a secure entrance and out the bow.

8. Silfrae Compound Bow Case - Soft Bow Case

Silfrae is a brand of a group of players who love to play outdoor and adventurous sports. They produce innovative products that inspire people who have passion. They provide the highest quality outdoor sports gear. They combine many features in equipment on a budget. So that every person can enjoy outdoor sports. Actually, they create the best value of money. 

Silfrae produces high quality, professional products at a lower price for all the sportsmen in the world. This soft bow case is also a useful gear of the brand. You can get this high-quality tool at a lower price. The measures are 95cm x 43cm, or 115cm x 43cm. You can fit a standard bow inside the case. 

The bow is a very lightweight case of 2.7 lb. You can effortlessly carry and transport it. It is made of high-quality 600D and heavy-duty zippers. There is space for arrow pockets where you can store arrows and quiver. To carry it, there is an ergonomic handle grip and shoulder strap included. You can buy a 100% risk-free purchase. You will get money back and satisfaction guarantee with the case. 



Silfrae is a durable and featured compound bow case and comes in two different colors black and real tree print. You can take this while hunting or go for a tournament. The bow case is impressive enough and worth the money.

9. Allen Company Compact Compound Bow Case

34” Allen compound bow case is constructed explicitly for compact bows. The design of the case has a fresh and new aesthetic and colors. It expands a vibration feel to the young archer. The case contains streamlined external styling that inspires the youngsters. The vibrant color and glove offer exceptional protection. 

Allen soft compound bow has an external soft handle that provides a comfortable grip, and you can easily transport. The bow has a large interior cavity where you can keep all the archery gear. The full-length zippers of the case are allowing easy removal and storage of bow as well as protection. 

The case is suitable for storing your bow. There is a hanging loop included so that you can attach it to a wall. It is built of durable polyester that ensures it will continue for years. Naturally, the case won’t provide as much protection as the hard case. But for storage and going hunting nearby, the case will support your bow.



Allen 34” compound bow case is suitable for young archers. The vivid color and style will perfectly match with their personality. It is compact and lightweight, and the young can carry it easily. In the roomy interior, you can store other gear with the bow.

10. Barnett Whitetail Hunter EVA Crossbow Case

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Eva is the best crossbow case, and it gives extra protection to your bow. The bow comes in multi-color which is attractive. It provides an EVA custom fit to your crossbow. The measures are 35L X 21 W. The crossbows fit nicely in this case. But the (STR) step-through riser Whitetail series crossbow will not fit in this case. The case is suitable for recruit compound series, Black spur crossbows, Raptor series, and Whitetail hunters. 

The case comes with a good amount of soft foam padding inside to cushion the bow and hold them securely in place. So you can easily go for an adventurous trip with this bow case. Strong zippers are used that last for an extended period. The zippers are also waterproof as well the case. The harder shell provides exterior protection. 

The bow case features an ergonomic design that allows it to hang while keeping the case on. The case is very lightweight and easy to transport. There is a pass thru foot stirrup design that offers easy carrying. Overall the bow care is flexible and can match in any condition. 



Barnett Whitetail Hunter EVA is a nicely designed and durable bow case. The hard shell provides exceptional safety from damage. But it has no extra storage pockets to keep other accessories. 

Buying Guide for The Best Compound Bow Case

From my reviews you already know our top picks. But it is difficult to finalize which one will match your needs. So here is the buying guide which allows you to find the right one. 

Consider bow type

First, consider which type of bow you have. There are many kinds of bows. Like targeting compound bows or hunting compound bows. The targeting compound bows won’t fit in most of the cases. Also, the recurves and compound bows differ from each other. So choose according to your bow type. 

Using Purpose

Before buying the cases, consider how you are going to use the case. There are three kinds of cases, soft, hard, and hybrid.  If you are going in a car from an indoor range, then you can choose the soft cases. On the contrary, hard cases provide more protection than soft cases. 

So if you go in tough situations, then you need the hard one to protect the bows. Again, there is a hybrid type, which is the expensive one. Hybrid cases give you premium protection. So consider using purpose.


Size is the most important issue. Before buying a case, you need to find out the neat size that fits properly with your bow. You can choose 42 inches axle to axle, which is the size of bows. 


Whether you choose a soft or hard case, you should consider the materials. You need a durable case that gives you protection as well as durability. In soft cases, nylon or polyester are the strongest fabric. And the hard case is usually very robust. You also should consider heavy-duty zippers. 


You need to buy a suitable bow case which has enough space to carry the bow with other accessories like a few arrows, etc. The soft cases have more pockets and pouches. The hard one doesn’t have much.

Transporting Approved

While you are traveling a long way or going by plane, you need a case that is strong enough, keep all stuff arranged and Airline approval. Otherwise, your expensive bow will be damaged. In my top picks, all the cases have airline approval. So you don’t need to hassle.

Weather Resistance

You will get more benefit if you buy a weather protective case. You can go in any situation the case will protect the bow.  If you store the bow for a long time, there are chances to lose moisture. So a weather-resistant bow case will protect from these situations. 

Protective Features

It is necessary that the case has protective features. Actually it is the main feature that will protect the bow from inside. Soft padding is the thing that gives interior protection. Most of the padding is made from foam. So make sure the padding is high quality and extra thick. From outside, it should be durable that can bear the unexpected shock. 

Another feature is the tie that holds the bow in place. So while you are shifting, it will not move much, and the bow will be secured. So make sure your bow case has all of the protective functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my bow cases?

The bow cases can clean easily as it is not so sensitive. The soft cases can easily wash with water or soap and dry out in the sun. The hard case also can wash if they are waterproof. But you don’t need to wash from inside. If the inside is dusty, you can clean it with a brush.

Do I need a lightweight bow case?

Well, weight depends on the type of bow cases. Usually, the hard case is much heavier than the soft case. If you choose a lightweight bow case, you can carry it easily. While going for hunting, the lightweight case helps you most. Also, you will find more space for storage.

When will I replace the case?

If your bow case is damaged seriously you definitely need to change the situation. If the case is damaged under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer and can replace and fix the damage for free. And if you don’t have a warranty fixing the damage may cost you. In that issue, buying the new one will be much better. 

How long do I use a bow case?

How long a case will last depends on the quality and the use. Averagely a case maximum lasts for five years. Most of them last longer if you buy the highest quality one. Also, if you travel much, there are chances of damage. Otherwise, it will last longer. 

Should I keep the quiver attached to the case?

It depends on the case model. Most of the soft cases have separate pouches for the quiver. Many hard cases also have quiver storage. It is better to take out the quiver along with the case. So check for the cases that have space for the quiver.

Final Verdict

In my review, I make an amazing combination of bow cases that will definitely meet your demands. All these cases are durable and protective. They will last for years and give you support. From this review, you will find expensive or affordable cases. For expensive bows, you can choose the expensive one. 

Otherwise, you also can buy affordable ones. Most of cases has manufacturing warranty that ensure standard quality. I hope you already decide which bow case will be best for you. With these durable, you will enjoy happy hunting. Right!!

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