8 Best Left Handed Compound Bows Review in 2021

How adventurous the archery is!!

Archery has become the most popular sport in the world. Buying a compound bow seems easy. But when you are left handed, you may face difficulties finding the best one.

There are only 10% of the people who are left handed. So the world inclines to cater to the righties. Also, there are limited options available on the market for left handed archers. The dealers also stock limited equipment for left handed archers. So it becomes a headache to find the best left handed compound bow. 

Well, to reduce your tension here I am. In this review, I will tell you about top 8 left handed compound bows. Reading this review, you will find the right one. 

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The 8 Best Left Handed Compound Bow Reviews

1. Genesis Original Compound Bow Kit

Genesis Original bow is certificated by National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). The best thing is that the bow comes in both left, and right handed so left handed shooters can use it easily. The bow has a sturdy build and the high-quality materials that last for years. The bow comes in a variety of colors and camo options, and you can choose that match your attitude.

The draw weight is 10-20lbs and draw with better accuracy. You can adjust the draw weight easily, and you just need a 3/16″ hex wrench to customize the weight. The hex wrench comes with the bow. With Archer’s growth and age, the weight can customize. The beginners can maneuver the bow without any difficulties. The zero let-off system with light draw weight allows youngsters to shoot.

The bow has a single cam system that helps to shoot the target accurately. The riser is made of light 6061-T6 aluminum, and aluminum cam is constructed with the perfect balance that ensures lightweight and durability. There are used lightweight materials that make it light and very easy to handle. The axle to axle height is 35 1/2″ and brace is 7 5/8″. All the necessary gear you will get with the bow. 



Genesis is the best left handed compound bow. The zero let-off system and adjustable draw weight make it a perfect choice for beginners and intermediate archers. The bow is recommended for target practicing. The bow shoots accurately and fast. It comes well assembled.

2. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is the best left handed compound bow. You can get both left and right-handed. Infinite Edge Pro is an ideal compound bow for target practice. You can carry and go anywhere for hunting with a little 3lbs bow. However, the bow is available in three different colors so you can choose according to your personality.

The bow is made of high-quality materials. There is an ultra-lightweight riser that is made from aluminum. On the other hand, the grip is made of hard and durable rubber and specially designed that fits in small or big hands. There is a homemade Octane string used that is standard. The length of the axle to axle is 30″ inches, and the brace height is 7″. The bearings are sealed with the strings drawn from the limb’s center so you don’t need to lubricant them. 

The Infinite Edge Pro is the most adjustable compound bow in the market. You can adjust the cam’s string in three stages: A, B and C settings. So, child or adult, it doesn’t matter. You can also adjust the draw length from 13” to 31” and draw weight from 8 lbs to maximum 70 lbs. The adjustment ensures a versatile use. It is a truly multi shooter compound bow.

The performance of Infinite Edge Pro is really high. The draw features ensure a smooth and comfortable shot. The binary cam system offers great accuracy. With the maximum draw weight, it can draw higher than 310 fps. In this price range, the bow offers great value.



The Infinite Edge Pro is an incredibly durable and versatile bow, and it packs with powerful features. This is a beginner-friendly compound bow. Using this bow, the beginner can shoot like a pro. You will get extensive accessories with the bow. With the bow, you will always be ready to hunt.

3. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is the perfect compound bow to deal with any kind of adventure. Cruzer G2 has a durable and sturdy build that lasts for years. The bow is suitable for hunting or big and small game. It is available to both left handed and right handed hunters. The bow comes with Kryptek Highlander camo color that gives a unique look. 

The bow has a lot of adjustability. You can adjust draw weight from 5 to 70 lbs. and the draw length can be customized between 12” and 30”. For this adjustment, the bow suits every archer of height and skills, and with an Allen wrench, you can make this adjustment. With a maximum draw weight, the bow produces 315 fps that is enough to reach the target. 

The riser is made of machined aluminum that makes the bow light. The Cruzer G2 has only 3 lbs. weight and the simple and slim grip design that fits small and big hands. The high precision limb pockets allow increasing accuracy. With the bow, you can get a smooth draw cycle as there is 70% let off. For a successful draw, you will get all the necessary equipment with this package.

The Cruzer G2 features a mild cam that produces a lot of kinetic energy. This helps you to draw accurately and smoothly. If you draw for many arrows this bow will be the smother one. It is a quiet and vibration-free bow as it has a Rock stop suppressor that reduces noise and vibration. This string suppressor is a great feature for hunting. 



The Cruzer G2 is the best left handed bow that is available at an affordable price. The bow can be a match with archers of every skill, age and level. The compact and slim design allows secure handling. Overall for enjoying a high performance, the bow is just right for you.

4. Genesis Mini left handed Compound Bow

Though archery has become a popular sport, the kids are also engaging in this field. So Genesis comes with a Mini compound bow that is suitable for first-timers. Many experts said that the Mini compound bow is one of the best youth bows that help for mastering basic shooting technique. Small kids can quickly shoot with the bow, and it can be used for many years.  

The Genesis Mini bow is machined with light 6061-T6 aluminum riser, aluminum cam and idler wheel which is durable enough. You can customize the draw weight easily.  There are bolts with the limb and limb are attached to the riser. You can adjust draw weight between 6 lbs. to 12 lbs. 3/16″ hex wrench that is included with the package. You can also customize the draw length from 14” to 25”. There is a grip molded which is pretty comfortable to hold.

The Mini bow features a single cam system that is very flexible and easy to draw. The zero let-off design allows you to pull the string from your finger and makes it easy to draw. The young shooters can maintain the high strength string very well with this system. There is a 29 1/2″ axle-to-axle with a 6 1/8″ brace height.

The Genesis Mini bow sounds pretty normal. There is no need to place a silencer as it is a kid bow and it won’t be used for hunting. Moreover, the bow is made in the USA and available in left and right-handed. There are high-quality materials used, so the price is reasonable.



Genesis Mini Bow is an excellent choice for a kid. They can develop their skills and use the bow for years. 

5. Diamond Archery 2016 Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Package

Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 is the best compound bows for hunting or competition. It is a leading compound bow in the market for its cutting edge technology. To experience the thrill of archery, the bow is just perfect for beginners. The bow has adjustability and versatility that make it a breeze. 

The new Edge SB-1 has the Certified Bowtech Synchronized Binary Cam system. In this system, the cams slave each other. As a result, it takes less maintenance and makes it easy to draw. Those who have plenty of arrows this cam system is perfect for them. With the cam, you can shoot 318 feet per second with accuracy. 

The bow features 63 lbs. of the limb with the EZ adjust pocket. You can set the limb anywhere in between a snap, and also adjust draw length with rotating modules. You can adjust 15” to 30” draw length with a wrench. In case of draw weight, it can adjust from 7 to 70 lbs. that is an excellent feature for growing archers. 

The riser is made of solid aluminum that is lightweight. The weight is 3.6 that all kinds of shooters can handle. There is a slim grip that fits in hand comfortably and increases repeated shots. The solid carbon limb ensures durability. The overall performance is great. While shooting, you might find it noisy, but it doesn’t affect accuracy. 



Diamond Edge SB-1 is the most appealing compound bow in the market. The features are great that make it suitable for every level of shooters. The adjustment is so easy and perfects that child to adult can handle it. Also, you can get them in Black Ops, Blue Blaze, Purple Blaze, and Mossy Oak colors.


PSE Mini Burner is designed for the young shooters, and it will support them for years. The bow is ultra-lightweight with 2.7 lbs. The young shooters can handle the bow so easily and carry it anywhere. You can order it in three colors like Skull works, Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity, or Pink. A film dipped finish is included with the bow that looks very nice and also protects from corrosion, incidental bump and dings. 

Aluminum is used in the construction of the riser that is very strong. There is a split limb set up that provides powerful shots. The limbs are strong enough and light so it can control easily. The bow features an FC Cam system. The dual can system can adjust from 11” to 28.”  There are two thresholds: S and L. So you can adjust it. This cam offers setting performance that grows with you. 

Mini Burner compound bow has a 26” axle to axle with a brace height 6 ⅝” so that the kids can control it. The draw weight can adjust from 29 to 40 lbs. and draw length 16” to 26.½”. This ultra-adjustable bow is just perfect for the beginners. The adjustability allows you to use it for many years. It is available in both left and right-handed. 

The Mini Burner is constructed for young archers. So there is no built-in silencer. But the sound is adaptable. In this package, you will get A 3-pin sight, arrow rest, arrow quiver, stabilizer, and three carbon arrows.so you will get everything that you want to start shooting.



The PSE Mini Burner is a complete package for your kids. There is a lot of adjustment that ensures versatility. They can use for years as this is a high-quality compound bow.

7. Predator Archery Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit

The Raptor is a soft pulling and versatile compound bow. The bow has recently been released, but it has become a popular bow among the beginner and pro archers. The bow is recommended for hunting, target shooting and bow fishing. This is an incredibly unique design bow. The bow is built from high-quality materials and the features are impressive. 

The cams and the riser are made from fully machined aluminum, no plastic, and the limbs are made of fiberglass, so the bow is light, and the beginners can control it easily. The weight is only 3.6 lbs. The bow is available in two colors black and the very popular G3 camo. The axle to axle length is 30”. 

You can customize the draw length and draw weight without any bow press. The draw length can adjust between 24.5-31″ and draw weight from 30-70 lbs. It features a split yoke tuning system that helps for quick adjustment. From kid to adults, and beginner or pro, the bow will match. 

With a full draw, the bow can produce 315 ft per second. It has 75% let-off that ensures fast and accurate draw. The bow includes other necessary accessories that you need for shooting. In the package, you will get 5 pin sight, rest, 4 arrow quiver string stop, stabilizer and other items. At this price range the accessories are very impressive and higher quality. 



Raptor compound bow is available in both left and right-handed. You can get a lifetime warranty and a special offer but be sure you register your bow when receiving. Overall the bow will give you a satisfying experience.

8. Diamond Archery Diamond Edge 320 Compound Bow

Diamond Archery is a well-known brand for producing the most versatile bows, and the price is also feasible to most Archers. Edge 320 is one of the popular models on the market. You can get this in left and right-handed and available in three beautiful colors Mossy Oak Break up finish, black and purple blaze finish.

The bow has a lot of adjusted abilities to both draw length and draw weight. Adjusting the draw weight is trouble-free. You just need to turn the limb bolts in and out. You need just a few minutes to set the draw length and draw weight. 

The draw length can adjust between 15”-31” and draw weight from 7 to 70 LBS. The bow is suitable for men, women and children. So at your home, all the members can use the bow. 

The EZ Adjust label on the limbs allows a minimum and maximum adjustment thresholds. This feature relieves string difficulty without the usage of a bow press. You can back off the limb bolts in an alternating style that allows the installation of string accessories like peep sights and dampers. The bow contains a compact design with 32” axle to axle and 7 1/4” brace height. 

The bow features a Synchronized Binary Cam System that is the most accurate cam system in today’s market, and most Diamond archery bows have the one. It draws accurately and smoothly. With the full draw, it can shoot 320 fps speed. The 80% let-off system allows shooting quickly. However, this is a light bow with 3.6 lbs. It is durable and flexible and can use many years.



The Edge 320 compound bow is easy to use. The features of the bow offer superior performance. The adjustability makes this a perfect bow for beginners. Also, the left handed archers can draw with it easily.

Buying Guide for Best Left Handed Compound bow

You have to consider a lot of issues before buying a left handed compound bow. Though there is less stock of left handed archery than you have to be sure what you are looking for. So here are some facts that you have to consider: 

Eye dominance

Most people aren’t sure about their hand and eye dominance. So they don’t maneuver the bow correctly.  Then be sure which eye is your dominant eye. It is possible to have cross eye dominance. So you need to check which eye is the most dominant. You need to match the dominant eye with the dominant hand. It is needed for target practice. 


You need a bow that has a wide range of versatility.  With the new technologies, the compound bow has become extremely versatile. Like draw length and draw weight adjustment. Versatility allows you to use a bow for years. Even in lower price compound bows, you will get this feature.

Draw length

Most compound bows feature an adjustable draw length. But from the measurements, you don’t match the length before buying a bow, specifically when you are left handed. Actually, it is the universal step before buying a left handed bow. You can do it yourself by dividing your wingspan with 2.5. The result will be the draw length. Also, you can consult with an archery pro or technician to find out more accurate draw length. 

Draw Weight

Draw weight means how much pounds you are capable of pulling the string back. The weight can be different in archers and to know the perfect draw weight is really tough. The draw weight increases as your experience. Thanks to the draw weight adjustability of many compound bows and this is helpful for a beginner.  For beginner archers I recommend to use minimum draw weight. After gaining some experience you can increase the draw weight. 

Axle to axle length

Axle length is an important matter to consider.  For different purposes, different axle length will match with you like if you go hunting, you need a shorter axle length. So, be sure of your purpose before choosing a bow.


Lighter weight bows are always my preference as a light bow can easily handle. Light bows allow you to carry easily and draw accurately. It is difficult for beginners to handle a heavy weight compound bow.


Before buying, you need to consider how powerful a bow needs.  The most powerful bows produce much speed. The fastest speed is not preferred to all, and you need to choose according to your purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a left handed compound bow?

The left handed compound bow is used for the left handed archer. According to structure, the left handed and right handed bows are different from each other. The archery manufacturers produce specifically left, and right handed compound bows. 

Typically the other right handed accessories (such as quiver, guards, and releases) can be used by left handed bow. The left handed users are less than right handed, so there is less archery equipment stocked in the world.  

How to shoot with a left handed compound bow?

Left handed people always do some potential work with their left hand, like, writing, catching a ball, or holding something. In the case of bows, they give more pressure with their left hand. Usually, a left handed bow is carried with the right hand, and the drawstring is pulled back with the left hand. 

Typically a left handed person target with their left eye. There are also many left handed people who have a dominant right eye. It’s called cross dominant.

How do I understand if a compound bow is left or right handed?

It is very easy to examine which type of bow you have. You just need to focus and examine the area above the grip on the handle of the bow. You can see the arrow rest there. As you hold it with any hand, a left handed bow has the riser in the right hand. On the contrary, the right handed compound bow has the riser on the left hand. 

With sight examination, you can find out which hand the bow is designed for. A left handed compound bow has sights on the right side on the other hand the right handed bow has sights on the left hand.

Can I shoot a right handed bow with my left eye?

Yes, you can shoot a right handed bow with your left eye. Shooting a right handed bow with the left eye that’s called cross dominant. If you are cross dominant, you have a choice to retrain your eye and hand. Age impact on retraining, as older you get it will be difficult to retrain. 

You have to practice to match the less dominant eye with your dominant hand. If you are a young shooter, then there is a possibility to retrain successfully with a dominant hand and eye. 

What is the best left handed compound bow?

The bow that matches your needs and skills is the best left handed bow. In my review, I have told the best left handed bows. All these bows are eligible, made of high quality materials, durable and versatile. You can choose one of them according to your needs and budget. 

What does a left handed bow look like?

Usually, the left handed and right handed bow looks the same. There is every equipment attached that you have on the right handed bow. From design, there is no different. 

Can I shoot a left handed bow with my right hand?

Yes, you can do that. You can draw accurately if you have skill. Just one problem you may face is that the arrow rest will be on the opposite side, and this may affect your aim. With a little determination, you can nail it. The youth can easily cross their side with dominant eyes.

How do I know my dominant hand?

Dominant Hand means the hand that you use most doing every work like, eat, write, hold a cup etc.  Most people in the world are right handed. But there is also left handed. You can see some people who do everything using both hands. Such people are called ambidextrously.

Final Verdict

Before buying a compound bow, you should keep in mind the safety factors. Bows and arrows are dangerous and can shoot innocents. So you need to follow the protocols in your area.

However, buying the best bow doesn’t seem so difficult. Just you need a little bit of observation. You need to decide which bow will match your height, length and budget. In this review, I have told kids and adults compound bows. 

These bows are made of high-quality materials and belong to well-known brands. They are trusted bows and many reviewers give a positive response. So you can choose from these best compound bows, and I am sure the bow will match your needs. 

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