10 Best Crossbows Under 500 Reviews | Guide in 2021

Are you looking for the best crossbow on a budget? Then here you will find the best crossbows under 500. Reading our review, you will make a quick decision on which crossbow will match your needs. 

Typically a crossbow is a horizontal bow that is mounted on a stock and used to shoot bolts. At present, many features are added to make it more powerful. Crossbow shoots the bolt with more power with accuracy. Nowadays it is used more in small or big games. 

So the demand for crossbows is increasing day by day. There are many brands that manufacture crossbows in various designs, builds, and functionality. So it is a hassle to buy the right crossbow that provides you best performance. 

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Reviews On 10 Best Crossbow On A Budget

Crossbow choice will vary from users to users according to their preferences.  For that reason, we have chosen a wide variety of products in this crossbow reviews. Hopefully, you will find a good hunting crossbow perfect for you.

1. CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package


CenterPoint Sniper 370 is the best crossbow package. It is a big surprise for archers who want a crossbow in this price range. CenterPoint gives an opportunity to all hunters who are on a budget, or they buy his first crossbow. The Sniper 370 is made of durable and lightweight materials. The rail and riser are made from aluminum, and the stock is composite and aluminum. The total weight is 7.9 lbs, and it is suitable for youngsters and women. 

The crossbow features a CNC machined cam system. The cam helps to shoot accurately. This shoots the bolts at a maximum speed of 370 feet per second, and it allows it to hit the center at 50 yards. The crossbow has 185 pounds draw weight, and every level archer can easily use it. 

The stock features an assault rifle style, and it helps to add extension easily. You can also adjust a pass-through foregrip, and you will not lose grip. The split limb is made of compression fiberglass. So the bow is durable enough. There is noise suppression that helps to reduce noise and vibration and increase accuracy. You can also use dampers to make it quieter. In the package, you will get all the extensions that you need for hunting.



CenterPoint Sniper 370 is a reliable crossbow at an affordable price. For its quality and cheap rate, it got the award of Great Buy. It gives an excellent performance.

2. BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow


Barnett whitetail is another best crossbow under $500. From Bernett’s newest addition, Whitetail Hunter series, the STR crossbow is a great compact that is perfect for all hunters of sizes and skills. For Step-Through Riser (STR) technology, you can decrease the length of the crossbow by combining the foot stirrup with the riser. 

The crossbow is very light, with an overall weight of 6.6 lbs. It provides a fast speed of 375 FPS. With the Whitetail crossbow, you will be ready for hunting. You just need a bolt for assembly. This crossbow contains the latest technology. Such as The Frictionless Release Technology that creates a free-floating roller between the seer and the trigger, and you get a smooth and lighter trigger. The nock sensor and anti-dry fire technology provide you safety. And zero creep offers you to shoot accurately. 

Whitetail Hunter STR Compound Crossbow will provide you high performance. It has 18.125 inches axle to axle, and total dimensions are 34.875 X 20.125 inches. The bow features a finger safety reminder and a patented arrow retainer that ensures full safety.



Whitetail Hunter STR crossbow is one of the well-known crossbows in the Barnett lineup. For its latest technology, it is loved by many hunters. At this price range, this crossbow is genuinely a great package. 

3. Killer Instinct Crossbows Ripper 415 Crossbow Kit


Ripper 415 is an excellent crossbow from the Killer Instinct. It can shoot arrows at the speed of 415 FPS. Within 1 inch area, the bow can pump-out the arrow up to 80 yards. With the 3.5-pound KillerTech trigger it can aid in long-range with accuracy. The bow features a fully adjustable stock that provides multiple uses. The custom rubber shock absorbers provide you ultimate performance with comfort.

There is an inch-and-a-half forearm grip for shooters adjustment that offers ultimate performance. Hunters of all sizes can customize it as their need. However the crossbow perfect for any biggest and strongest game. The Ripper is a powerful crossbow. It can generate up to 149 ft pounds of kinetic energy that is capable of knocking down any game or prey. 

The Ripper crossbow is durable and can use for years. It is also lightweight as the bow made of the precision aluminium barrel. The aluminium rail gives extremely downrange accuracy. The narrow and lightweight body that can balance anyone, even the beginners. With this crossbow, you can always be ready for dead aim. 



The Ripper 415 crossbow is one of the most powerful crossbows at this price range in the market. The crossbow hit the bolts with high power that took down the hunt. This hunt will give you the best experience.

4. EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow


Matrix SMF Grizzly crossbow contains quality build that performs smoothly and effectively. It is lightweight and sturdy that supports the draw weight, and you get a perfect shoot. The limb is 30” narrow and offers a smooth and straight draw. The weight is only 5.5 lbs and can be handled by young shooters. So you can comfortably carry it anywhere. At this price range, the bow will give more beyond your expectation. 

The Matrix SMF Grizzly crossbow has an attractive and functional design. It features a “mossy oak” pattern on the frame that looks very professional. The bow contains a 33” compact design that is ideal for hunting blinds. You can use it safely with the thumbhole design. The crossbow is durable. The frame is made from SMF composite materials that are sturdy to provide support. The CRT is also strong to assist 200 lbs to draw weight. 

The crossbow will give you high performance. The bow can produce 305 fps speed with 200 draw weight. You can shoot accurately with it and take down small and big games easily. It is easy to load and fire. However, it comes with the necessary accessories that you need for starting the hunt. The vari zone scope, 11.5″ power stroke, 1″ ring, and a quiver, four Diablo arrows, and 4-grain field points included with the bow.



Many hunters can’t afford to buy an Excalibur crossbow for its high price. To give everyone a smooth, fast experience, Excalibur released the affordable Matrix Grizzly. It is truly a high-quality crossbow. 

5. CenterPoint Tyro 4X Recurve Crossbow Package


The Tyro 4x is one of the best crossbows in the mid-price range market. This bow provides high performance. It has 23 inches axle to axle at a full draw. The bow can shoot the bolt at 240 FPS with 175 pounds draw weight. It features a fully adjustable stock and foregrip. You can customize fit to your shoulder with confidence. 

Tyro 4x crossbow delivers power and accuracy with quad limbs. The precision-machined cams system helps to shoot accurately. The bow will give you a satisfying draw. It has string suppressors, including that remove noise, and you can get a vibration-free shot. 

The bow is made of durable aluminum and composite that makes it lightweight. So you can maneuver it easily in the field and carry it anywhere. The bow is available in the right and left-handed hunters. For safety, there is an anti-dry fire trigger, and you can get a smooth shot. 



The Tyro 4x is a high-quality crossbow that is available in this price range. You will also get one year of limited warranty. You will also get four 16” aluminum arrows, 4×32 mm scope, quiver, rail lube and rope cocker that you all need for hunting. 

6. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow


Barnett Whitetail Hunter II is a reliable and effective crossbow made in the USA. It has unique features that you need for hunting. The crossbow comes with a 16.25 inches axle to axle width that remains compact, and you can maneuver it in tight spots. It has 6.4 lbs weight that is light, and you can carry it easily, all day long. 

The crossbow has adjustable 160 lbs draw weight that shoots the bolts at an impressive 350 FPS. The bow comes with a high definition camo that ensures accuracy. Overall the accuracy of the bow is just perfect, and you can cover at 70 yards. It is compact at only 17.75(W) x 32.25 (H). Hunters of all skills and sizes can use it effectively. 

The bow design with stainless steel will resist bad weather. Also, it features a Realtree Xtra pattern that ensures versatile use all year round. The bow contains a high definition camouflage design that is attractive and much easy to hide outside. Most hunters love this bow for its TriggerTech Assembly technology. It is smoother and helpful for the shoot. It also supports a three-pound, zero-creep release that ensures accurate shoot. 



Initially, Whitetail Hunter II is made of standard quality materials. At this price range, the performance is really appreciated. The bow is durable and lightweight. Hunters of every level and size can use it. 

7. PSE ARCHERY Coalition Crossbow Package


PSE Coalition crossbow is one of the fabulous creations of power. The overall measure of the bow is 35 to 36.5,” and axle to axle measures is 21.5”. The crossbow comes with split limb design and cams that can produce high power.  It has 185 lbs draw weight and 187 FT of kinetic energy. The bow can shoot 380 feet per second with this energy. This crossbow offers plenty of performance in this price range. 

The crossbow is lightweight, with an overall 7.5 lbs weight. The stock can be adjustable in a custom fit. The lightweight and flexible ensure versatile use. To reduce sound and vibration, there are 4X32 Illuminated scope and string stops. So you don’t have noise problems with the bow. The anti-dry fire and auto-safety trigger of the bow offer ultimate safety. This hunting bow is complete with full power and control. 

With this package, you will get an illuminated scope, anti-dry fire, auto safety trigger, 3-20 carbon bolt, four-bolt quiver, limb dampers, cooking, foot stirrup, and rail lube. This is a fast, powerful, compact featuring bow. 



PSE Coalition is the best crossbow package. The bow is an ultimate choice for hunting. You can draw with more speed and accuracy. 

8. Carbon Express 20297 Covert Tyrant Huntress Crossbow Kit


The covert Tyrant Huntress is the best in class crossbow that provides superior performance. It features a compact design that has excellent handling. Also, the narrow length profile and short length offer considerable balance, stability, and as well as comfort. When cooked, the size of the bow will be 30.65” (L) and 12.5” (W), and when uncocked, the wide becomes 16.5.”  

The bow features a Pica tinny rail, and cast trigger box housing offers excellent accuracy. The bow can draw the bolt at 350 fps speed with 114 ft. of lbs. It weighs under seven pounds. At this price range, this is the most responsive and accurate crossbow. 

The bow is built for both rights and left-handed hunters. You can customize the bow according to your comfort. It has an adjustable recoil pad and forearm rail system that offer a custom fit, and you can find the perfect feel. There are 3 Carbon Express Hot Pursuit Premium Carbon Bolts, rail lubricant, three practice points, 4×32 multi-reticle scope, quiver, and cocking rope. 



The Convert Tyrant Huntress Crossbow is a complete package for hunting. The bow is capable of taking down any small and big game hunters. The bow has adjustability so that every skill and size hunters can balance it and can get an accurate shot. Under $500, this is an excellent crossbow. 

9. PSE Thrive 400 Crossbow


Thrive 400 is the new series of PSE lineup. The thrive takes the crossbow platform to the next level. This bow offers an excellent performance as it has a reverse cam technology. The cam technology produces a longer power stroke that increases the kinetic energy. With 142 lbs of kinetic energy, the bow shoots arrows at 400 fps speed. Actually, it is the fastest crossbow in this price range. 

 The build quality of the bow is good enough and made of light materials. It has 6.7 pounds of weight, and this is great for all size shooters. The Thrive 400 is 32” long, and it has an 18.25” axle to axle. It has 175 lbs draw weight, which is adaptable for all hunters. You need a maximum of 90 pounds force with the cocking rope device. 

The Thrive 400 comes with a great package. It includes four 22” carbon bolts and one discharge bolt. The bow is ideal for beginners as it features a CNC mechanism that increases power, accuracy, and speed. There are also illuminated scope and stops included that are used as dampers and eliminate noise and vibration. Finally, the anti-dry fire that offers ultimate safety. 



The Thrive 400 is a well-known crossbow among the hunters for its high speed. The bow can carry in any environment. The scope has five color brightness settings that match with the environment. 

10. Spider 150 lb Compound Crossbow


SAS is the best selling crossbow for a budget of $300. This Spider 150 compound crossbow is suitable for small or large gaming. The bow features 150 lbs draw weight and can produce 250 FPS initial speed with 55 ft. Lbs. of kinetic energy. You can shoot accurately up to 1100 yards. 

The bow is made of durable elements. It has a High Tech limb that is made of fiberglass. With aluminum barrel construction, the bow is lightweight. The auto safety cocking mechanism design will provide you full support. It contains a sloppy trigger pull, without too much trigger travel. You will get every shoot perfectly worked and secured with the anti-dry fire mechanism.

The crossbow has a compact design that is very simple to maneuver. To get ready for hunting, this deluxe package will give you everything that you need. There are six arrows, three blades broadhead tips, a scope, a quiver, and a rope cocking device. With the cocking mechanism, you can draw the bolts accurately and smoothly. 



The Spider 150 lbs are the best crossbows under 500. It can give you a decent performance. The compact and flexible design makes it easy to maneuver. Hunters of every level can handle it. 

Buying Guide for the best crossbows under 500

Crossbows are available in many designs and categories. But when you are on a budget, you have to consider some facts. So here is your buying guide to help your buying process that will affect overall value. 


Crossbows come in various models such as recurve, compounds, one-handed, or two-handed models are the most common. Which crossbow will fit you that depends on the type of game you’re going to play. Like those who want to operate tree stands for them, we prefer a more extended and lighter crossbow as it has a longer range and is easy to carry up a tree.  


Weight means the overall weight of the crossbow. Weight affects a lot in your hunting or game. In catching any medium to large animals, you need a crossbow over 7 pounds. However, there are also lightweight crossbows that can shoot effectively. 

Draw Weight

For larger animal kills, you need a crossbow with 150 lbs. Draw weight. 150 lbs. draw weight has a velocity at 300 fps speed. Many reverse draw crossbows feature lower draw weight. You should choose to draw weight based on your prey size. The draw limit affects speed. 

So control it wisely otherwise it can harm others severely.  Kinetic Energy is a related concept of draw weight. So choose a suitable draw weight that will suit you.  Remember that as much draw weight goes up it is difficult to draw. 


Typically compound crossbows are quietest crossbows in the market.  Recurve models are also quite crossbows. The bows that feature rubber rope stops and aluminum rail, there are no vibrations. 


Most new hunters thought that they needed the fastest crossbow but it is not right. It is not compulsory to buy a crossbow with 400 fps. For small hunting or simple target shooting 350 fps speed is more than enough. So choose crossbow with 300 or over fps. 


In your crossbow, you must have a safety feature even if you’re an expert. Safety features will save you from getting injured. A mechanism will keep the trigger from releasing a draw. 

There are many models that have auto engaging safety included with crossbows and you needn’t reset the safety all time. Anti-dry fire is an effective feature for safety. All the Modern mechanism crossbows have an anti-dry fire but need little more money.


Grip located under the rail. It is designed to stabilize your hand. The grip usually made from plastic or wood. The grip will protect you from misfiring. Forward grips with wings that give you full safety.


Trigger takes weight and launches the arrow at your target. The trigger is a sensitive part of a crossbow. It warns the user before firing. For beginners, no creep trigger is highly recommended.


For crossbows outside rotating are the standard cams. It relies more on the limbs and generates more energy than inside rotating cams. These cams suited for open maneuverings such as blinds and tree stands. Inside rotating cams generate power through more compact construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to assemble a crossbow?

Most of the bow comes fully assembled. But there are some bow accessories that you need to assemble like cereal, stock, mount a scope, cocking rope, quiver, etc. There are manual instructions included with the crossbow package. You can read this and watch them step by step. To get a successful shoot, you need to attach them. 

Can I hunt any area with a crossbow?

Laws are changeable and are varied from states and areas. We recommend you check the local regulations before you go out for hunting animals. There are many laws on certain animals and lands.

How to choose arrows for my crossbow?

Before buying arrows you need to consider speed, downrange penetration, accuracy, kinetic energy, materials of the bow. Lighter arrows are usually used onto high-speed bows. But for higher speed crossbows choose a weighted arrow.

Are children able to use crossbows?

For children crossbows aren’t safe enough so they should avoid it. Teenagers can use them, especially lightweight crossbow. If teenagers have the stability for cocking the string. We recommend checking the types of crossbows that are eligible for youngsters.

What is the difference between compound and recurve crossbow?

The compound bow integrates a pair of cams or wheels into the limb assembly. On the other hand, the string attaches directly to the limbs on the recurve crossbow. Recurve bows have the same functions as traditional crossbows. Like two flexible limbs for bend when you pull the strings.

The compound crossbow uses a pair of cams and cables to get a mechanical advantage. It supports the bowstrings in bending and produces more power than a recurve crossbow. Compound crossbow fire arrows at much higher than recurve bows. Actually, it is the most effective bows in the Modern Age. 

How long can I shoot with a crossbow?

how to range the arrow can take over depends on the FPS of your bow. If you use a 300+ FPS crossbow it can go over 180 yards away. It is quite a miracle if you hit the bull’s eye. It needs enough practice and skill to shoot accurately with a crossbow from 80+ yards away. You should keep in mind that if you maneuver the bow from such a range with the powerful crossbow, you need to be more careful. 

Final Verdict

Hunting has become versatile in these modern days. Buying the best crossbow isn’t so tricky if you have nailed down. You can compare against the crossbows of different brands and judge the functions of how they do. However, you should assemble the bow manually. You have to maintain the crossbow properly. You should use light arrows if you are a beginner. Before using a crossbow, the users have to be careful of the fact when the bow is loaded.  

In our review, we have told you the high-quality crossbows. Experts highly recommend these bows. Many buyers give positive reviews after buying these crossbows. You will find that they are appropriate for big games. So you can trust and enjoy the superior experience. I hope that you will choose the eligible bow from our review.

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