Discovering How to Start Archery?

If you arrived on this page it means that you would like to start archery, but you don’t know exactly where to start. You are probably looking for advice or help to answer your doubts and finally enter the world of bows and arrows.

We know what your most common questions are, is it possible that nobody talks about archery for beginners? How to start archery? What do you need to get started? Is it a sport for children? Is there a minimum age for archery? How do I get the equipment?

These and other questions lead many to throw in the towel without ever trying to shoot any arrows. But don’t worry, this time it will be different, because if you have the patience to follow our tutorial with tips for those who start archery, you will find that you can do it too, and that things are simpler than they seem.

Let’s start then without further delay.

Archery: How to start archery?

The good news is that it is never too late to start archery, but what are the steps to follow? The advice is to start with a school bow, a classic wooden bow designed specifically to allow the novice to learn the shooting technique.

The school arch is also suitable for children from six years of age, of course in the case of children the age may vary based on how much they have already grown, but you can also opt for toy bows kits, very beautiful and simple, which allow to familiarize yourself with bow and arrows while having fun. Here are some examples of school and toy bows.

8 Tips for Getting Started in Archery

Even the champions have not always been champions and this naturally also applies to archers! When you start shooting with the bow it is easy to get discouraged especially if you go to the shooting line with the illusion of putting all the arrows on the ten with ease!

Here are 10 tips for those who start shooting, and who knows, maybe one day you will be the one to give shooting tips to future promising archers!

Don’t CompeteIt is the most typical mistake of anyone who starts, in any sport! They are likely to focus more on doing better than the others, rather than learning the technique. Archery is above all a mental and concentration sport, which teaches you to know yourself and to be focused on the target, so forget about others and focus only on yourself!

  • Equipment

The second most common mistake among aspiring archers! Of course, the equipment is important, but not as much as the technique, excellent results can also be obtained with entry level equipment. The most important thing at the beginning is to acquire the right shooting technique, to improve your equipment there is always time!

  • Tuning

Basic! Many archers at the beginning underestimate or simply are not aware of the importance of having a bow developed, that is calibrated for their needs and characteristics! We should think of a good bow as a tailor-made suit!

  • Don’t Think About the Score

These are the first times you pick up a bow and arrow, does it make sense to think about the score or get discouraged if you don’t hit the yellow? Absolutely not, in fact many courses start simply by making you hit the straw without any target! Shoot without thinking where the arrow will go and the ten will soon arrive.

  • Be Patient

Is there a sport where patience and concentration count most? It doesn’t occur to us! Don’t be in a hurry to get results, be patient, give it time. As in all sports, even in archery there is an archer to whom everything will be natural, it may take a little longer for you, but you will have learned the most important thing for archers!

  • Be Motivated

Without passion and motivation, you don’t go far in any sport! Archery is no exception, but after all the first arrows you can only fall in love with a sport with so much history and tradition!

  • Constancy and Repetitiveness

It may sound boring, but discipline, perseverance and being repetitive in action are the key to successful archery! Perhaps at the beginning it will be tiring, but in the long run, once you have learned the technique, the results obtained will certainly give satisfaction!

  • Have Fun and Dream

The last few tips are actually only one! Have fun and don’t be afraid to dream big! If when you take a bow and arrows you can combine concentration, passion and fun, surely one day the great archery events will see you protagonist! 

How much does archery cost?

One of the myths that circulate is that archery is an extremely expensive sport. In reality, those who start shooting can buy all the equipment they need at an excellent value for money, and then move on to higher-end products as they progress in their growth as an archer. 

How is an arch composed?

Usually those who start shooting with the bow imagine an Olympic bow, because it is much easier to see it at the Olympics, or represented in images, books, films, etc.

Basically the bow is made up of risers, i.e. the handle, limbs, and rope . To these three components are then added other elements such as viewfinder, button, stabilizer that can be purchased later. If you want to deepen these topics, we have prepared some useful pages:

  • Small archery glossary
  • The types of bows on the market


As for the bow, it is necessary to have risers, limbs and rope. The limbs should be chosen on the basis of length and liberation. New words? Consult our glossary, or contact us, we will be happy to help you. Once the arch is composed, it is good practice to take even the minimum protection equipment, i.e. patella, armguard and chest protector.

If you are neither a hunter nor an archer, you will obviously have to take the path described in both the previous points. It is not immediately made, and it is not a choice to be underestimated, but if you are really motivated you will find yourself projected into a world capable of giving many satisfactions.

Where the relationship with nature reaches a level that few know, and if you have done everything well, better than many others you will know the responsibility you take on shooting an arrow at a wild man.

What are we missing? Well, a bow is useless enough without arrows! Even the arrows must be chosen “tailored” and if you are a beginner you can contact us for more information!  Finally, it can be useful to take a viewfinder, a quiver and a bag to carry the bow.

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