A Guide to Deer Hunting Gear and Clothes

The success of deer hunting rests not only on the weapon of choice but also on the skills of the hunter. Apart from these two, there are also other small factors such as camouflaging. Deer have a very sharp sense and great eyesight. You should thus be advised to conceal yourself properly from these animals for the success of your hunt.

Dear Hunting Gear

The Hunting Clothes

Hunting clothes can be put into two categories. There are those clothes that we wear while traveling to the deer sites and there are those that we wear while doing the actual hunting. If you can’t get hold of the correct clothing, you should not worry. The most vital thing you need to ensure is to try to keep as smart as possible while keeping warm.

– Your clothes should be at all times be scent free, and this is achieved by washing them in a scent free soaps, shampoo and detergents.

– Consider layering your clothes as this will help you keep warm.

– Always choose the right camouflage pattern adaptive to the terrain.

– Wear gloves and mask and comfortable hunting boots.

When shopping for a camo suit, consider the kind of weather you will be hunting in. If you will be hunting in a more tolerable weather, go for a lighter suit. In all cases, ensure that the suit is waterproof. The correct headgear is the hard bowler hat, but you can still wear safety caps and helmets. Silks should be of a dark color such as black or navy. The traditional black hunting caps are normally worn by the eld masters while the navy blue caps are a top choice for the ladies. In most cases, boots should be black or else camouflaged according to the terrain.

What to Carry Along

There is no amount of gear that can guarantee a successful hunt. However, the hunter education certificate represents knowledge of the basic hunting tactics and is one of the important pieces of gear to carry along. For your hunting, you need the following gear.

License and regulations – Before buying any gear, you will need the hunter education certification. You also need to have the hunting license from the state wildlife agency. You will have to adhere to the rules and regulations contained in the license agreement.

Bow and Arrow – You will need bow and arrow  for your hunting. Others may also need the shotgun shells, rifle cartridges, long guns and ammo.

Bows kit – Take care of your bows as they take care of your hunting. From where bows are sold, get a reliable bows kit and it arrows and your bows or crossbows will last for generations.

Boots – You will need lightweight, waterproof yet high-quality boots as you walk through brier patches, around the wood piles and ponds, across the creeks and other complex terrains.

Knife and honing stone – You will need to clean what you kill. Have a hunter’s knife and a honing stone for sharpening.

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